‎”The English,” wrote one Englishman, “are not a spiritual people, and so they invented cricket in order to have some conception of eternity.” The people of the Indian sub-continent are, however, intensely religious; and they adopted cricket in order to have some excuse for celebration.

writes that some joke-pages on the internet

Oh yeah…what a sick humor on India. Indian cricketeres are rligious? ever seen a religious fella playing cricket on Leeds, Mohali, any God damn place in the world? BAl Thakre hitting a boundary? Lal Kanheya Advani taking a brilliant catch on the points?? Murli Manohar Joshi flipping googly at Jack Kalis…

CRicket was taken up for celebration, that’s right. very aptly put. After sex the next best thing in line. We celebrated sex in our temple walls for a milenia got sic of it, everyone was hooking up with everyone else. Then came along the Br…itish. The eternal enlightenment propagators. The gave us modern education, modern religioun, modern civic sense, modern festivities (one of them which is cricket) and modern cacophony. As modern as they were they also taught us how to swindle, how to trust in the name of God, how to put a brave face in the eventuality of getting caught red handed, how to call yourself modern by inventing pompus hollow rituals…goes on it goes..
The English they called themselves, handicapped in virtue, extremely mobile in stealing others resources (imperialism?), handicapped in ethics, ready to move on notice to preach, The English they called themselves of which I happen to know …a plenty (all good friends, sorry fellas) The English, the cacophony makers, the hooter lovers, the world goes round but we ain’t call it so, we call it flat unless Newton comes along
The English a race that lost itself in the rising of a world that hey coul not manage with their suave little paradigm wishing
The English that takes pleasure in eating the left overs and calling it a day, has learned it’s lessons, so has an India that passed it’s century in dreams and wishful thinking..
May God bless these partners in Love

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