I didn’t give it a title cause sometimes Idon’t like to give a head to a thing.

If anyone is up for creating an India based science based sitcom contact me. It will be real and funny…(real faces as well as from the industry if they venture)

You know here is a flash: anna hazare is an invited speaker to one Lepton-Photon conference in Mumbai, he goes to the stage and says “ham bignyan ko bhi Lokpal ke dayre mein lena chahte hain”

Ramdev is given a cameo role and he teaches Kapal bhati and runs off in salwar kamiz.

Then comes a high school teacher in a village based education program where great inactive minds with Ig Nobel (such as Yashpal and Kalam are preaching the students, someone comes with a Na powders and puts in a glass of water and they both run away thinking it’s terror attack)

You want more? George Smoot gives a talk in Astrophysics Inst and IIT about his CMBR and in teh evening taken on a camel ride to Jaisalmer. He goes and shows thi clip in UCal, Berkley and they hand him a pink slip. You have been fired for not repecting UB’s science policies.

Then he flees to Korea and works with Steve Olsen.

Steve tells George about Mohan and George contacts Mohan on skypeconference when Mohan is not wearing anything on his chest and plays around with kids telling them names of star clusters from google earth. (this I already shoot)

Then mohan complaints about the traffic problems and power cuts in India and ofcourse mosquitoes and no alcohol bars. George promises to invite him in the upcoming conference on particle Physics in Seaol but Mohan never gets the email.

In the mean while Tom Browder is in India with his wife and goes around the Jaipur railway station trying to find a hotel but does not so sleeps in the bench in the station.

 OK this one is for Nick Hastings: Nick hasting is taking Aki chan to the KAsumi to get red win, Bordeux when the lady in the counter asks him his name. He says I am Nick so the lady says there is another Nick (Kent) who comes to Kasumi and drug stores to pick women up. Nick says no it would be someone with the initials PG.

Then Asish Satpathy gives a lecture on why Indian kings nurture moustaches and why one puts more turmeric powder in Indian curry than in Thai land curry and Piilonen says ” Fuck I didn’t know it” and goes on saying this to his graduate stud…ents over the video conference and Bruce Yabsley nods along while Jian G. Wang takes care of the video conf system in 322. When it does not work he calls NAkano and Nakano is sleeping in B2 for his mext shift slot.
NAkano wakes up and sends Nishida and Nishida comes along in his newly bought Nissan to san go kan building.
NAkano wakes up and sends Nishida and Nishida comes along in his newly bought Nissan to san go kan building.
But since this is a science based in India these folks fly ove to Mumbai in an Air India which had a stop in New Delhi where it is delyed by 2 hours because some minister has to catch the flight.
These folks reach Mumbai and discover that KAzuo Abe has arrived here as an invitee for giving a presentation on RPC butturns out the real reason was he had a fight with his wife after he drunk in KEK and drove back (and peed in the bush) and there was a apprehension that he might not get his emeritus renewed.
Nick Hasting later discovers that PG actually impersonated Nick Kent’s name while picking up women at the drug store and Nick Kent was asked to live grad. school at Hawaii for which he joined an aloha dancing group giving salsa lessonsto those who do not understand English.
Charlie sheen also has a cameo role where he talk shit about sex and divulges his drug life.

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