Once I met a pompus cacophony maker. He was quite into giving trouble to those that did not immediately appeared to be as suave or as responsive to his taste. He had an argument with me.

He said “from where I come from blah blah blah..yada yada”

SO I said “from where I come from we have got this or that..”

He says “yeah well but there is a hell and a heaven difference” with an intent to imply it’s a heaven from where he comes from. So I said OK PCM from where I come from it’s not a hell neither from where you come from it’s a heaven. He says OK then how do we account for the fact that there is a hell to heaven difference, even you agree to that.

I say look precisely for such a predicament the good fellas invent mathematics. I will give you an alternative explanation. From where we are from, both of us, it is neither hell nor heaven, entirely. You see, we are a mix of hell and heaven.

He says does that make our differences swell to hell from heaven. You are being crazy.

I said look how crazy I can be…

From where you come from let’s say it’s (hell-heaven)/2 and from where I come from it’s -(hell-heaven)/2

So if you take their difference it’s still hell – heaven.

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