A few disturbing trend of the Indian nation today.

We used to say “India is an undisciplined country” then we came up with a more respectable “India is a chaotic country“.

From discipline to chaos, we made a step of science, but strictly speaking, a step of “terminology” notwithstanding, what problems were actually understood and dealt with, by invoking a modern understanding of science, technology and so on.

Now that word has perhaps gone off. I propose a new status update of my beloved nation-state. It’s attained the status of a “quasi-modern state”. It means we have made some progress towards modernity, reluctantly yes and willingly yes, without will there is no way.

But what are the disturbing trends:

1. Police Behavior
2. Social Hazards and Social Safety
3. Access to quality basic amenities
4. Access to a convenient life

— eg as is enjoyable by the affluent, which are the biggest promises made by Governments and aspiring Governments, and even the lesser political organizations.

This list will run into a cumbersome description of our community living. Hence I cut short here and focus on elaborating a little onto the above points, one by one.

1. Police Behavior:

— Police behavior, here, is the exact opposite of what the police is supposed to do. If I arrive in a police station to file a complaint, whatever be the matter, the police is legally and constitutionally bound, to take my complaint, on the face of it, without further ado, except to register in its good books, as it is, the events that leads to my lodging such a complaint.

I might be lying and making up stories, but its none of its business to rebuke me, at that point, without first investigating the events, legally and swiftly. In other words, police, the ideal face of it, lets say, must immediately register a case in which I am a petitioner. It must not behave with me, by any intimidation, or insensitivity, even if, I am filing a case wrongfully.

Investigation is a matter that must be delayed, to after a case has been registered. And a case registered against someone, must not warrant any immediate midnight legal arrest, without having enough evidence at first. The police is enshrined in the corridors of democracy, as a mere facilitator of legal protection, to all law abiding citizens, and not to behave like any powerful arbitrator and whimsical abuser.

In dealing with false cases, it must as well use its resources judiciously and without any violent means such as threatening or supporting the wrong party, by indicting eg as I just said; a legal superpower and arbitrating judgement.

You would most definitely agree that going by the commoner’s viewpoints, police is far from such a legal insulation, towards the beneficiary of legal protection.

Its not that else where in the world, apart from India, the police behavior is the ideal perfect. But I have seen the best attainable circumstances, that makes you go sleep without thinking of these problems so much. The character of these non-Indian police system is that the people have a share in dictating the police where to be deployed, at-least that was my impression.

Needless to say that, in such places, police behavior, is detached from the state or more aptly, from the people enjoying political power. Since ages this paradigm has never been attained in India. In India police is an ornament in the honor of the political establishments. The police establishment is not an independent organization, meant explicitly and implicitly for the safety and well-being of the community, rather than the fake-honorable, the neo-Kings.

Here in Odisha, any time, you will see these organizations are considered a weapon of the political establishment. That is why there is so much honor-paranoia associated with some one in power. This needs to be dissolved, so people in every patch of community, gets a share of the police power.

What I am proposing is extraneous to a traditional system of political representatives, people of the community get the power to direct police for various deployment of these forces, for their safety and well-being. There is no patrolling on the high way, no patrolling on the cities and towns, except when a minister or elected representative comes to a ceremony.

While the elected representatives deserve that peace of mind, so also the residents, no matter who the resident is. For a negative resident this means jail-term. This can be swiftly achieved by divulging constitutional power, to the residents, irrespective of whether he or she is a political representative or not.

There has come a time when swift and far reaching changes are made to our constitutional set-up, where every resident feels empowered and honored, not a clandestinely chosen few. Talking about police behavior, the police in other states have recently shown their anti-people tendencies and their slavish relation to their political masters.

Pune farmer shooting, J&K human rights violation or Bihar inhuman and undignified excess (cops jumping on dead bodies to express extreme levels of contempt), were all outrageous police behavior. Lokpal and police reform, can be two astounding achievement, for the country, if the educated and responsible citizen take part conscientiously. Talking about police reforms, I see a disturbing trend in the democratic responsiveness, of our people at large. Most big packages go to the capital city, here Bhubaneshwar, look at the multi-million $/INR commisionerate building, a palatial palace recently built and compare with anything out side the cities.

2. Social Hazards and Social Safety:

— While our safety and well-being concerns are paramount to having a police force, that provides us security — if it does, it is pertinent to point out that is just one aspect among a myriad others. A numerous other aspects are lying unattended, eg a basic health and hygiene safety, they need to be modernized, much in the same way education and police forces are to be. Lo and behold, we have only believed in privatizations so far, whose evils are for everyone to see. Privatizations has only meant divulging power and honor to a selected few who have access, to a great deal of wealth, at the cost of disrespecting the time-tested social ethos. I can vouch that my pre-privatization education and health were far better than this corporate centric pretensions.

WE have lost touch from our ethos, WE need it back and WE must raise our concerns.

3. Access to Quality Basic Amenities:

A quality basic standard of life has become a mirage in India today, except for the heftily paid for communities, such as a corporate residential complex. People walk on mud to their schools. Cows sleep on the road, vehicles do not obey safety standards, public transportation system is rust, lesser cities are detached from big-brother cities like 1.5 K century is detached from 2.1 K, we do not deserve such a treatment, why must we have it?

NO one is raising a social concern.

4. Access to a Convenient Life:

— a life enjoyable by the affluent, which is the biggest promise, made by Governments and aspiring Governments, and the lesser political organizations.

Convenient, automated, modernized life is a dream turned mirage. Some get it, some do not. There are vast deals of discrimination, everywhere, a disparity of sorts.

If we are not ugly, why there is so much disparity?

WE need percolation of national growth, to every part of the country and without any tag. It’s only available to a selected few. The Maoists are resorting to violent and unjustified means but their stand point is more idealistic. Of-course they do-not care if we tell them give up on the weapons, but why the facilities of New Delhi must not reach the deepest and remote corners of the country?

Has the country ever thought of this as a universal problem of the nation, hence effective steps are to be taken in a matter of years rather than 3 decades? I don’t think it has ever happened that way, for such a sustainable period, that negative forces did not have enough platform to come up.

Now they will be treated differently but we must not forget the lesson; in Odisha since primordial times — in the smallest units of a memory lapse of what time has passed and what has happened. WE have always been like this? How about country’s policies are formulated on a “residents in the eyes” basis rather than a publicity-tag?

I will speak only so much for now.


I forgot to add how the famed and privileged organizations of the country are not at all conscious of their responsibilities to connect to the lesser privileged organizations across the country.

An IIT should mentor an anonymous college, of deep and remote India, not just another IIT, so a brand is created. How many teacher of JNU or DU will like to come and teach in a college in a remote village like setting ? Certain things have never happened in India, hence the sooner the better.

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