written about a month ago

In Indianic social-religious-philosophical traditions God is formulated in a way, where if you believe in Him you can philosophize Him, arbitrarize in any way you wish, you can make His forms, His mind, His shape, His feelings, you can make Him a dear one and humanize Him. But one who questions this will attract ill-ness, not from God but again from His worshippers.

Forgetting the fact that the most prime God of Indianic root is Bishnu, who does not have a body, therefore incarnations and who is honored through 1000 names, the reason for the name NA RA YA NA MU = narayanam = honoring the nameS, hence where does all the bodily forms of Hindu God belief has come from?

Too much arbitrarization and too much humanization and too much wishful God-creationism. God created man and then man created God. SO we are allowed to argue with God but not a God created by his worshippers. That is the present state of religion.

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