written about a month ago
Not believing in science is a crime. A crime in the sense of humanity. Most religious people howsoever smart they are in upkeeping the sanctity of their beliefs often commit such a crime by not believing in science. It comes from a two-fold mistake. 1st they assume no matter what they are right, a mistake not allowed in the ideals of science. SO they have an entitlement to any religion, whatsoever, howsoever, they philosophize it.
2ndly that religion has a precedence and supersession on science, a mistake not allowed in the ideals of science since science in the acession of ultimate truth rejects even what it accessed as a fact of science, that is science subjects itself to ferocious tests of scrutiny, in terms of religious doctrine this would amount to self-loathing, a kind of scrutiny unheard of in religious traditions in the last two millenia ..

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