written about a month ago
ideological overtones is an index of the dismal state of affairs in the academics of India today ..
Indian education has zero hope till the next 100 years if all mainstream and auxillary political organizations and political and religious  and ideological activities are not removed completely from the educational organizations. There is no place for religion in politics and there is no place for politics in education.
If we do not allow free politics and religion in a business organization for that they sponsor these outside their business organizations not inside or their organizations will stop working in a day. Why do we allow politics and religion in the bounds of academic places? Because education has no value in India, believe it or not.
WE are doing it just to show that we have a degree or a certificate and the latter can be arranged even for the disqualified members. Educational organizations are buying out the supervising bodies such as the boards and counsils of educations through large bribes. All the big names you hear as esteemed organizations are involved in some kind of corruption. All the big names.
That is why there are no first class organizations in the country today. WE are so ignorant and arrogant that we compare ourselves with Harvard and MITs, Not because these are American organizations, because of their history, quality, brand image and their maturity these are the best in the world. We simply do not have 1 organization in the country today that matches this limit. NOT EVEN ONE. WE did have a potential and opportunity but we do not pay heed to the best academic standards. TIME FOR US TO GIVE UP OUR INHIBITIONS IN CHANGING THIS.

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