A great Indian died last week, no news, no hype, nothing. One gets frisked by Americans there is brouhaha. Hargobind Khurana was criticized by some hypocrats who considered themselves intellectuals because Khurana chose American citizenship. A great many number of scientists from other advanced countries permanently emigrate to USA and become Americans there is no hype in their respective countries, why are Indians always after vedic lullabies. Perhaps it was written in the Vedas if you are borne in India you must accept what another idiot does, no freethining, no independence, no free spirit because that will make you look anti-majority, a majority which is so hopeless all they can do to get up the ladder is believe in “Mera bharat Mahan”.

Like that really matters for an international community and look at our hype, most of pur so called vocal patriots live sizeable amount of their lives abroad. But the Vedas will be violated if we do not chant a hyped out patriotism of which even Kalam is an opportunistic follower. Why did he go to US and spend there a week and who sponsors such frequent visits? Any account of how much money is spent on his visits and how it really benefits the country? I read somewhere after he became the president in the name of science and vision he has traveled to 150 countries (I may be numerically wrong but it’s a huge number).

Much like his political and beurocratic patrons who holiday abroad and Air India goes bankrupt (Now King Fisher, but perhaps for different reason) and if you try to find out you will see most of the speeches and articles and visions of Kalam must have been written by plenty of prepared experts. You see at any cost we have to produce a scientist for the world. When will we grow up and make real scientists? And why do we need such. As long as our oligarchy serves the lucky few we are a happy go lucky nation. and somebody said Khurana was appealed by Nehru to return to India and work here which he refused for which he was criticized by the intellects of India.

But the widely known story which is pathetic in any standrad and which is why not even a patriotic Indian would like to live in India is what was offered to Khurana. Khurana went around and around and he wasn’t given even a teacher’s job. Who gets a job in India? CNR Rao and Narlikar and Kalam, none of them producing any science but getting the fattest salaries. And there is one thing common to all three. Ever wondered what? Ecah of them swears by patriotism. Kalam swears by it. Narlikar swears by it even to the extent of his favorite Marathi conscience and Rao swears by his south Indianic nationalism. No wonder there are always fans lobbying for them, in India it is easy to create such a support base if you are willing to give up on an universal and at-least an inclusive national conscience for a regional and factional benefit conscience.

Not just these 3 scientists though but at some point you will have to forget you need to do science and get in the que for lobbying, and there is just too much rationalization of it, what are you a Gandhi, well I am not, I am going for it, I will get things just by worship, even if that means I lie a lot. Democracy is also very useful towards a oligarchy. If you know how to twist it.

Works wonder for an Indian career that can still take you to heights and scales. India will pay for you if you raise your speech synthesizer in it’s praise in the various ways it can be beneficial to you. No need to go for your purported responsibilities as a citizen of the world and a citizen of the community. Need I say more ..

I will say this even if you would dislike this. I have a responsibility towards my country as anyone who pretends such does. I can not keep quiet because someone else knows it is beneficial to pretend, I believe that is at the root of many of India’s evil and I will speak therefore in contrary attutude towards the ones who pretend howsoever celebrated they have become for you.

Jai Hind

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