Has there ever been a scientific depression in the United States? I would guess NO. The Americans are individually less hard working, collectively they are vigilant. They believe in one economic practice: “It does not matter what you do inside the country, it can be messy, you can occupy the international market by creating a good international image.”

eg You do not provide good service that you promised, inside the boundary, you apply the same international policies inside the country. This is a fallacy, a sort of myopic economic interest principle the result of which is economic recession. It had to take-over sometime but it does with very early warnings which were neglected.

I had one experience, the same company that refused me a service for a product I bought from them “last week” actually took a strong step to fix it when I presented the product to an international branch of the same company.

Japan’s economy also suffers the same syndrome.

It sells Made in Japan products at an inflated price to native residents, but sells them at a lower price in the international market. There is at-least one example I observed, in the United States, Japanese products are much cheaper, than in Japan for the exact same product. It means the national consumers are bypassed conveniently whose results we are also seeing for Japanese economy. In an ideal and efficient economy practice, such an inefficiency would not be taken for granted.

So an international standard is not sufficient to deal with national conditions. The national conditions are much different and just the international standard will not do if it does not take into consideration the national conditions in the first place.

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