The paradox of analytical minds is that they forget simple facts. {not simple truth} It is a sign of their genius which is why such people are compared or contrasted with Einstein. But I think Einstein came with an ability to push off even important progresses, much like a divine inspiration, because he perhaps came with a purpose to not only enlighten the world of science with his insights but also to carve a path for centuries to come. Feynman on the other hand fit in at a place where noone else would. He showed an unimaginable mental horizon to not reject progress because of any divine inspiration, in otherwords he showed by his life long science that there is nothing called a divinity in the pure pleasure of pursuit of truth. Truth is in itself a pleasure and it is divine. {Pleasure to be not equated with SIX and Ohso not to be equated with Feynman} Galileo is to be compared with himself only, a man who could industrialize science in 1600 and sciencify poetic dialogues in intended polemics, write scriptures of science and blaspheme scriptures of sacred ignorance all at the same time. Newton is only to be seen like a Weinberg who formalized so much of Physics that if he were to live a little longer he was going to cum with Quantum Mechanics and unify forces. Ofcourse there were many instances of relativistic nature of physical laws and unification nature of physical laws in his time. It is another matter they only studied the problems of the day which could only be as useful to the problems of the future as bullet is to canon and a mobile is to call your girlfriend. The idea is also that Weinberg is the Newton of our age but not as Barack Obama as the Mike Tyson of American economy. Then came Einstein who is without comparison, a olympic Hero that could establish for an indefinite timeline that nothing moves faster than light. Then comes Niels Bohr who could philosophize science like Sachin Tendulkar could brow-beat the opponents or like Waqar Younis can reverse swing, isn’t philosophizing science a reverse swing of intelligence? Then comes Schrodinger who can make you see the waves when you are dead and see the particles when you are alive. Then came Heisenberg who could tell his wife he was uncertain about her pace but not her position. Then comes CV Raman who sees teh Ocean blue not because he was on Hawaiian blue but for the reason that he could see exactly how the atoms behave when they scatter light if they are a little more like molecules and little lesss like turkey in a sauna. Then came Lederman who could smell the neutrinos that escape even scientists in 2010, and came George Bush who could not tell the geography because you are either with him or with the axis of the earth. The list is endless. But the march is on.

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