A capitalist is a very intelligent cheater. It’s not the syndrome of a capitalist that I am aiming at. It is the malice of capitalism which has made it very easy for those who believe in dishonesty to make a large deal of money. In other words you can punish the small time thieves but not the capitalist. They are a modern version of Alibaba incorporation.

Alibaba had 40 crews. These capitalists have formed a vast union bigger than the East India company or rather even the imperialist empires. They have literally dwelled upon this for centuries to find out what works, as a law, to cheat the communities so that even if there will be large scale protest against this nothing will change. Money will keep flowing like water does. You only need to streamline it.

I say capital is good, capitalism is not.

What sense a capitalist will make of it? He is very smart. He will immediately understand that capital can not be good at the same time when capitalism is not. So saying “capital is good and capitalism is not” is a special form of capitalism in his opinion or belief system.

In other words a capitalist does not understand that it is a subversion of a free spirit or a freedom of speech or a freedom in general. If I feel frustration that capital is useful but capitalism is based on subversion of practices that can enable you to make the bucks that you need, capitalism is a way to bring in unethical ways of making that buck.

The capitalist does not understand this. He thinks all ways of making capital is inherently good, since capital is good. In other words the capitalist is insensitive to what harm such an ideal can do to the greater freedom of humanity. Humanity is not necessarily based on the idea that capital alone can serve to free the world from all the problems.

And to a capitalist’s advantage there is a plenty of abuse of freedom and capital itself, by the proponents of anti-capitalist schemes. In other words we can not expect the capitalist to pander to the whim of a larger larger mass that goes on consuming the good, earned by a selected few, even if the capitalist are rich in capital.

So there is a tradeoff of ethical practice and ethical realism. I can not give you money and at the same time expect you to abide by the good strictures I impose on you, or Bill Gates would eradicate the poverty of India in 1 year.

Poverty is a problem much more severe than the capitalist exploitation. Its a problem of human morale. Capitalism is also a problem of human morale, but we haven’t reached that vantage yet where we could be intellectually bothered about lack of morality from a person who is rich.

We are only shouting and we are activists. But most of the activists of India are the secret mistress of Alibaba. They are rich, they are intelligent and they are credit hungry for which they have created for themselves an Alibaba incorporation by making an industrialized network.

The world is not only fighting for resources, it is also fighting for credit and fame and love which they often kick with disrespect when it walks to them on its toddler legs. So one failing human morale can not solve another failing human morale. I will still go with “capital is good but capitalism is not”.

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