The ABC conjecture by a mathematician .. 

I had discovered this** two years ago … I had called this 50-cent theorem and a year ago gave long comments-posts on it on facebook. My new theorem proved Pythagoros theorem in 3 or 4 lines and I had stated this could potentially solve Fermat’s theorem if extended to higher powers. Where prime numbers were also surmised by me. I had stated this could solve Fermat’s theorem in few pages compared to 500 pages of Wiles’ and now this 500 page 4  paper work by this reputed mathematician. I have never worked on maths with anyone so entirely produced this work by accident and had mentioned the summary in a few tweets couple years ago. I had mentioned this on tweeter and named it 50-cent theorem because it has a tweeter-connection to 50-cent .. See below for my work published in this website exactly a year ago, 4 days short

Here is my work:

you can check above the simple formula of what I called 50-cent theorem. This also finds squarefree numbers in a computer algorithm in a few steps and made earlier known procedures far easier. Also the Pythagorus theorem by infinite decent methods is atleast a page long but my theorem proves in 3 lines.

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