A trajectory
A trajectory

This is my 3rd day of walking to have a better physical shape. (at the subtle level, I don’t care at the macro, its usually good) Yesterday I walked 1 hr 45 minutes. SO today I thought I could make at-least similar if not more. Drawing my contour on Google Earth. The back of my house, which is shown in red-traversal is a fabulous place to be. Very solitary. By the hill. You can literally touch the hill. Very scenic. Usually not walk-able in rain. Rest of the season its a great place to hang since as I said not too crowded in the vicinity. Also greenery and hilly panorama all around. This is where I captured so many colorful birds. (around 15 types)

I walked here for 45 minutes. back and forth. So I am showing in red-repeating lines. Since that would not give the distance on Google earth I noted the time (I didn’t remember how many trips and exactness wasn’t maintained) I then broke off into the blue path. That took me along the highway for much, so I was being careful, but once you are in motion you can be fast in judgement/reflex. I thought the blue distance would be about 8-9 kms but its another story how my earlier measured by motor bike distance could be off. I mean I thought about it a year ago how motor bikes and cars could give you distances which could be off 5-10 kms in 50-80 km range.

Why is that?

The original specification would be off since there would be tears and wear on the tire. an inch per wheel is not a small thing. measure. wheel could be 1 meter. so say 3 cm for 100 centi-meter. 3%. Then the tire pressure could make things much worse. I mean a flat surface of 10 cm isn’t quite off. That makes things close to 12-13%. When you think you have reached 100 km by the odometer you have reached 100+/- 12 kms? (+, – depend on how odometer reads, by rotation of the axis, so it will multiply a bigger number instead  of a smaller, so you are actually 100-12 kms. (+ is not correct) So assuming the same thing for my scooty/car I have 720 meters less than 6 kms. Google Earth measurement shows ~6 kms to what I though would be ~8 kms.  I didn’t measure this distance, but actually can do tomorrow if possible, so that I can compare with Google map. On Google there could be some error 1. due to less careful and ideal path based on the tracks. 2. I clamped it to ground but I don’t know how accurate that is.

So all in all I can safely say I walked at-least 6 kms on the blue path. (It could be more, lets check tomorrow, if possible) I walked on the blue for 75 minutes, stopping only for a few minutes to talk with someone that I knew that I met miles away from my house. So the 45 minutes walk gives me another few kms. I walked ~10 kms in the 2 hours. So I see thats about 80 meters a minute. Thats quite fast for walking since thats more than 1.33 meters a second.

I installed Google Earth to do this calculation. On my other computers I had this installed years ago and played around. But this one didn’t have.

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