The famous Laxmi Puja, in my home town

The famous Laxmi Puja, in my home town.

Face Book kept ditching my uploading the picture there, so I came up here, 3-cheers to facebook.

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The etymological analysis of Laxmi Puja.

According to a deeper analysis of mine Laxmi Puja would mean worshiping the holy feet of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth in Hinduism … WHY?

Puja is literally pada or paga or pagar or payar etc. Puja has come to mean worship, celebration, festival, honor etc — because it’s the holy-feet.

Laxmi in my analysis comes as the following; Jayaswami >> Layaswami >> Lashmi or Lakmi or laxmi etc … where Jaya or Laya is Sun — as in sura+jaya = surjya,  and swami is Lord, the lady lord = Goddess therefore is Laxmi, “as has been”.

Note: see how laya = sun, has become Light and how swami which is a variation of sami, kami, som, soumya, sun and furthermore soula, soura, sourza etc has become to mean: Lord or Master.

The point in making sama, kami etc are Japanese words; to mean master, lord and swami, sami, swain etc are Indianic, — eg Adnan Sami, the same word, phonetics which has evolved through slight difference in phonetics, but retaining the same meaning.

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