Came across this letter of mine from January 2005, thats a good ole, 9 years ago. Reproducing ditto (with slight typo fixing or underline etc)

Hi S**k,

                 I am sorry I could not see you when I was in Orissa.

Its better to go for a job first in India instead of a PhD. I think all the IITs, IISc and other good engineering schools should provide good PhD degrees in Computer Science. There are few good Universities too. A search on the internet provides best information and you can judge yourself.

If you want to do PhD in USA then its a good idea. But people first go in-to master’s degree and then judge where to join for the PhD degree. ( even if they already have a Masters Degree in India, like you do) But for graduate study in USA (i.e. either Masters or PhD) one needs GREs and in addition international students need TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language ). If you want to do PhD directly since you already have MCA* degree its better to search for few good Universities in USA which provide PhD in computer science related programs. Then either apply with your resume/CV and experience and TOEFL , GRE scores to some of the Universities or try to contact a faculty member in that University after choosing your field of study and exchange emails saying you are interested to join him/her for PhD providing your educational qualification etc. Some might waive the requirement for GRE so you only have to take TOEFL test.

Hope this helps.

with best wishes


* Master in Computer Application.

sd  wrote:
hi man,
u might ‘ve leave 4 usa. man u might know or not that now i’m in completion of my mca. in 5th sem & it’ll end by 22nd feb. & then we’ll ‘ve our pjt. work. soon the course ‘ll b finished’.
then rooms ‘re wide open 4 me, i feel so.
u know i’m in interest of higher studies, & expecting 4  doing a phd. degree.
hope u can give some suggestion ’bout it.
u can understand me & ‘ve some sooner reliable response.
waiting 4 ur calls. bye bye. take care &  ‘ve nice time
ur’s very sincerely

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