Something just occurs to me. We often do stuff so that we could get some pleasure remembering it. We don’t have to do stuff that are too hard. Thats what makes us human. Thinking about it thats how we invented secs. My x key is not working so I used a cs instead. We invented sex because it was the easiest thing to do and remember for pleasure for a long time. I mean its definitely easier than hunting. Where do you get an armory and chase an animal through all the wilder things. Easier done than even said, sex.

The fact that we didn’t even invent clothes, yet, just made it easier. The ancient people lived without a dress code of conduct for a really long time, till the hard working folks who hunted convinced the politicians to implement some sort of casual code of conduct. (pun)

Because those who worked so hard, hunted and gathered leather, that leather merchandise had to be sold. They made clothes and politicians jumped into the fray convincing and forcing people by law to wear clothes. Politicians have been friends of businessmen since primeval times.

So men and women began wearing leather. But by that time sex had already achieved its culmination into an easiest pleasure seeking activities in the wild. “Honey we have been really tired looking for some wild boar to hunt. Okay lets have some and get back home. We will hunt again, we already have the meat for the next week. ”

In any case it still exists and we swear by its pleasure rewards.

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