This article is to exemplify the ideas. The comprehensive version might be added given to a technically viable chart making.

These are the 5 hiragana (HG) and katakana (KK) letters that are almost same;
HG (や か り に へ)  = KK (ヤ カ リ ニ ヘ ).

So if you know one the other will be a hackjob.

But that won’t be too many. I am rearranging them into groups so it will be really easy for you to remember the alphabet in a few hours.

If your eyes are quite good at hiragana you will see some more of katakana quite easily.

(check this out; the top of hiragana is the katakana;
KI in き HG  = KI キ in KK,

but like katakana bracketing hiragana can be bracketed for easy memory,
eg (KI き SA さ) in hiragana can be ambiguous so can be put at the same place for practice)

I had a plan for bracketing all such letters for hiragana long time ago but I haven’t done so. But not only hiragana-hiragana or katakana-katakana letter mismatching can happen in mind, also katakana-hiragana can throw you out of comfort
eg SE せ (HG) and SA サ (KK) … But usually self alphabet ambiguity is far frequent.

Idea; put them in one group and practice till you find a clue to see and remember the difference. I am onto making a good chart that highlights this useful trick.

Here are some examples;

wa u ra wo Hu/fu


Nu Me Na ya


ma mu hu nu su ra re

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