Do you know why FB has a cap on number of friends you can have and it will block you if you send friend requests?
Its a clever tactic to spend less on the number of servers it wants to employ for you, thereby reducing the amount it spends. But it wants your free labor anyway to propagate its commercial chains.
Do you want to go viral? Then don’t believe Kalam when he says “Everyone has equal opportunity” ! Read below why !

The basic principle behind such eCommerce practices as they just occurred to me !

— Also I was surprised some statistics shown by Gravatar which shows if you have an immense online popularity or not, vanished a couple years ago. Perhaps they are planning how to charge your credit card for such info. Absolutely nothing is free in our world except how our free labor can be exploited every hour.

Why information is more and more viral, if its got more statistics? Because it sits on more and more number of servers, which are being accessed, in a randomized fashion, there is an increase in the statistics and thus possible viral tendencies.

When you are reading an article, on a large computer system, lets say a NY times article, another person isn’t accessing the same servers, given a particular server can be accessed lets say by only 100 people. Thus NY times has to buy more number of computer servers and more bandwidth etc.

[Also this explains why some ISP are dead slow, they are buying less servers and less bandwidth, but taking more subscribers, reducing quality and making more profit, they should be legally sued]

So now that NY times buys more servers, more and more number of people are accessing the same information, at the same time, a tendency called as “Viral“. A reason why low quality news paper agencies (like * or ** agency, they will never sponsor me anymore) are massively populated. They are simply in the business, where their information is shared on more servers and in real time this transmits as bigger audience.

Now take the case of ‘you’ writing a post which gets sponsored. It simply means you pay a fee for this so that the agency will make sure you get access to more servers, so more people will get that information.

[People like K and T are massively sponsored, for good and bad reasons, they make profit for their sponsors. Irom might not get that profit for such people. Its about propagating a particular idea, so Hema Malini gets to propagate the idea of water filter. Irom can’t cry; she needs some attraction factor, which is 10%, branding and sponsorship will take care of 90%, this is how we produce M-wave also. ]

So if you pay certain fee or somebody does for you, then more and more numbers of computers systems will be made to be devoted towards branding you or spread your message. If not a smaller viral tendency is available to you.

So when Kalam ‘says’ “Everyone has equal opportunity” its a financial blunder. People with bigger finance have bigger opportunities, of-course one needs a 10% attraction factor before it will be branded.

So even for free viral tendencies one needs massive support. eg FB will never assign more than two servers per 1000s of people. The same people that slog for free to create free financial markets for such companies.

End of Article !

Following is just a thought I started my day with.

“Nationalism is the permanent belief that you have to feed others for free. Patriotism on the other hand is the love you have for sharing your food.”

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