Taslima Nasreen is just being hypocritical. She is saying Indian writers protesting against Hindu Chauvinism are just pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu. In other words they are not intellectuals just whimsical activists. In the same breath she is saying they did not protest when her book was banned. If they did support Taslima, only then they are seeing the atrocities of Muslims? Else not?

Also are Hindus washed in milk? Especially when in the name of Hinduism people are getting killed, how is it not worse than Islam? However new in the timeline of history its real when writers are being killed for criticizing the ethos of a Hindu society.

A book banned or a fatwa issued is far more cynical but a life — and many more lives, taken is not cynicism, it’s vengeance and murder. And if the writers did not protest for you, it does not mean they are endorsing every heinous acts committed by Muslims. In Bangladesh heretic writers — bloggers, are being killed by Islamists. Have you returned any award you have gotten in your life? But you do not endorse, such heinous Islamic acts right?

Are you critical of chauvinism or just a plain Muslim and Men hater yourself? Do some more introspection. And write more intelligently and do support those who are fighting in their lives, they are losing their lives here not just citizenship, and in their own countries, not in some anti-religious country of theirs. If England does something wrong;will you return your shelter from them? If not you are the same that you are criticizing. Pro west and anti east. And you are simply working towards your own goals when you are not criticizing Hindu chauvinism as much as you criticize Islamic chauvinism, because after all you need at least one shelter citizenship, right? But in the same logic those who are protesting are working towards their goals. They do not become Pro Islam and Anti Hindu;just because they do not serve your goals.

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