The plight of Paralakhemundi

The plight of Paralakhemundi

Once the citadel of the mighty Gajapati, who ruled from the Ganga to the Godavari: Paralakhemundi of the Gajapati district, languishes in the peril of apathy from the system, read mostly, the Indian Railways here.

Gajapati is the 3rd least populous district of Odisha, among 30 districts, whose population had approached 0.6 million by 2011 census, so safely, by 2018 its less than a million.

Incidentally it was carved out of the most populous district of Odisha, Ganjam, in 1992, with 3.5 million populace by 2011. 1992 was the year the 13 old districts of Odisha had been segregated into ~30 newer ones.

26 years is a long time in democratic memory and forcing our own citizen to live in the darkness like paupers is nothing less than sort of a genocidal crime.

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