God and scientists

Science is like a Game !

Then it just becomes an industry. But the real point I want to make is what we are trying to work at is Nature or in any case Universe. What’s the difference anyway? Universe is Nature. But at a large large scale as well as at any scale. Nature is what we often refer at a scale, which is directly perceivable, or in case of the small-scale matter and interaction, the ones whose effects are still observable by us.

How these are studied in all its details, anyway, means we are studying even the ones that are not observable.

The contingent creation of life …

Now in this essay I have given a few serendipitous arguments of why our life, our Universe, our evolution, they all are governed by principles and much like pretty much all we know about nature they are all contingent, not only upon us but also we are a grand design with a very simple principle of contingency rather than a zealots simple manipulation of this contingency to the grand master plan of an intelligent God who plays his wish on us like He wishes and we must succumb and subscribe to the same because that is His wish.

Why is God so ununderstandable by the scientists?

Well who hasn’t heard about God. Everyone has heard about Him. And everyone believes in some form of God or other. I think more than religion that’s a way of life which the human beings will never give up on. I think God is the only being in the world who pervades our conscience without any competition. Religion is varied when you change your community. That’s the power of religion, its brittle.