Well who hasn’t heard about God. Everyone has heard about Him. And everyone believes in some form of God or other. I think more than religion that’s a way of life which the human beings will never give up on. I think God is the only being in the world who pervades our conscience without any competition. Religion is varied when you change your community. That’s the power of religion, its brittle.

Religion has played a huge part in creating a multi million of Gods. Of-course over the centuries. So I would surmise that God is more powerful and benefactor of the human kind than religion. Religion, you can jump up and shout, is one that is the understanding of God. Well that sounds too parallel to the adage Science is the understanding of  nature. You see its an adage because any one can use this phrase without the qualification to do so.

And I am so religious about science. Am I a guard of the domain of science? So religion is not the understanding of God, but rather its an unnecessary social of the uneducated. Yes, you think there are so many educated folks out there with their education conferred from the likes of Harvard and Oxford who have doctorates and sometimes so honorable in their attire yet so conspicuously lack that wisdom to have been subjugated to their intellectual whim to not recognize the true spirit of religion.

That religion is an alternate to all that is fine with us humans with all the infallibility of our being is sometimes escapable during such periods of intellectual blackout. But God is not that uneducated. God is actually willing to accommodate all the infallibility and the shortcomings of us all so we happily believe that He may be there hearing our spirits necessities. Not so with the religion. Religion might seem at once to be the Domain of God because these folks have so cleverly hijacked Him. And they have hijacked the concept of the God, not God per se. Thats the reason why God has so many form and so many philosophies associated with Him.

But why the scientists are, so not amenable to feelings and emotions of the regular persons needs to believe in God. I believe in some way or another scientists do not take away your liberty to associate freely with what you believe. And this is possibly called a belief system or religion. And then the lack of understanding of the God and religion and  their relationship has made matters more slippery.  If you step on it you might end up in the lap of God absolute or you might be a head count in one of that smirky religionists mind.

But is the scientist really that insecure to have a grudge for a competition with a religionist after so much of adoration for their honest jingoism about what they see in everything. Well the scientist is not really insecure about anything except that its their minds élan about everything they see.  And that gives a perfect weapon to the religionist and every cocky psychological tyrant to harp back on the scientist as a mere minds significance or insignificance.

But with so much mind it easily overbears the other organs. Oops. But thats another weapon in the hands of the stupid intellectual newbie. But this language is perfect for a science war right. Well guess what no amount of thoughtful admonition is sufficient for the illiterate.

But why is it that the scientists are always so adamant about the absence of a God from the design of the Universe. I believe its because of a lack of solid framework of science to deal with the illiterate beliefs of the world that science is often easily sided with sighs of reliefs even by the practitioners of science itself. Because science does not dictate its equations let alone its findings about as significant an issue as that of God.

And when the general audience is not so ready to understand what science has found out for them, its already lacking a social framework that can share its messages with these folks. And science has just began. Its fundamental development has mostly been done by the Atheists. Even Einstein was an atheist that  he quite might not have understood so, like he did famously with some of his other involvements. But thats a beautiful phase of his life when he was prepared for the love that the world so wanted to bestow upon him.

I believe like Feynman, Einstein was also a king. He was also a very lovable person which he quite had in restraint by focusing on his Physics research. So was Galileo who had an envious degree of influence on the matters of church. The world just prefers to incite his weak side by showing his failures with the Church. But I believe he failed with church because he did not pay heed to the religious conservatism which is always the case of great scientists and which is always the cause of decay of power to some extent. what about me. Well I am standing on a different pedestal. I am standing in 1978 until now. And I am learning from some of their mistakes like they may learn from some of my mistakes if some of them  come back in 2250, 2300.

And scientist understand God like they understand every God damn thing in the world. And if you were to argue they sometimes do not understand their own equations and theories how can they always claim they understand God. I think they understand God better and did so, much early, therefore they are more involved with understanding their equations and theories. And those who continued believing, are not yet ready. But its just a friendly rebuttal OK, please read my blog.

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