The thickness of hair from a diffraction pattern, science of a different passion

The thickness of hair from a diffraction pattern, science of a different passion Sometimes in 2007 or early 2008, this picture was taken (with a camera fitted on a mobile phone.) It captured a unique diffraction pattern by accident (serendipity!!). I did a preliminary analysis to determine the thickness of the hair of the person in picture [Me!] A diffraction pattern is produced as a result of the dual nature of objects at a very small scale. When a wave such as light “rays” has a wavelength comparable to the size of an object, hair in this case, the wave bends and spreads upon hitting the object. If light were to be very tiny particle only, it would undergo scattering like small balls scatter off each other. But since they bend and spread unique patterns are created. We see such a spreading in the pattern. The bands that are created are much thicker than the hair itself as can be

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Uncertainity Principle in QM, an insight

A power-point slide Uncertainty Principle of nature Read at-least the end of this article below: ‘”the additionl form of uncertainty equation is momentum-time uncertainty for mass-have particles and position-time uncertainty for mass-havenots (a photon is a mass-havenot but it does not believe in rioting in Birmingham)” YOU WILL SEE why taking pictures with modern digital cameras make some of the pictures necessarily blurred. WE have reached great sensitivities with cameras now, by reducing the time for which shutters open we have made the position very uncertain, almost as much as they exist in nature, perhaps. SO now all pictures are very sensitive to small motions and small positions where the indeterminacy of position is quite seeable in a naked eye through a digi-cam. Sanjay argues with me reg. this point, below in the comments, but now I have own this argument (he can come up with something again, I am just careful of him)  Sanjay said I am mixing ray-optics

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The world of physical reality …

Why are such experiments to explore the physical nature of our universe so paramount to human endeavor ?

If you drive a car and hit against another rigid object you might wanna know how hard it will affect you. You might not want to experience that real time. You might wanna hire some confident engineers to do the job in a laboratory. They will take equations that were discovered a century before and simulate the forces in a mechanical setting to give you answers that will be like logical umbrellas. [Or spherical cows !!]

But there are also forces and equations and structures we have stumbled across which we experience but don’t understand. What they will bring us 100 years from now is something worth giving a consideration, a worth that runs into billions of dollars, as world wide efforts of finding the deepest secrets of nature.

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