In the world of Physical reality past is not past. A part of past builds up into future. A part of future had effected past. Its all like a rubber band. Its there, always, even if we are capable of looking at only one part, while the other part is effecting the rest of it and things come back at us by its elastic nature.

One can conceive of our Universe, the part that we see, together with the extraneous, as a sheet of rubber. No future, No past. Just oscillations. In my mind time becomes, then, a less fundamental construct than other variables we can think of. This is about intuition. And then there are ways to translate our intuitive notions into numbers and equations. They all sound very fancy and so many people have invested their whole life figuring out fanciful models. In the end they just add up.

In my approach intuitions are more powerful than fancy looking numbers. Because while the ideas tell us something directly conceivable and testable by experiments the latter don’t, as much.

I want to carry this philosophy of experimental ways of finding Physical reality further and further down cos I believe if experiments are done painstakingly they lead to realities and structures and phenomena just lying there, to be found out.

I believe my thesis would be a by-product of such an attempt. But the intuition I have gained so far from my attempts is the ability to believe what ideas will produce something that I will see and what ideas won’t.

Why are such experiments to explore the physical nature of our universe so paramount to human endeavor ?

If you drive a car and hit against another rigid object you might wanna know how hard it will affect you. You might not want to experience that real time. You might wanna hire some confident engineers to do the job in a laboratory. They will take equations that were discovered a century before and simulate the forces in a mechanical setting to give you answers that will be like logical umbrellas. [Or spherical cows !!]

But there are also forces and equations and structures we have stumbled across which we experience but don’t understand. What they will bring us 100 years from now is something worth giving a consideration, a worth that runs into billions of dollars, as world wide efforts of finding the deepest secrets of nature.

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