Nature of photons. Reply

Also (without any direct theoretical connection, but correlation through reality of nature)
3. Photons are classical only in the sense that we perceive light only when photons are produced in large numbers. So large that the laws of the small do not incur large errors because they are in large numbers. Statistically the errors are well understood and eliminated. But when they are produced in very small numbers we can not deduce their laws a priori. [which is why Quantum Mechanics was discovered only in 1920s and not in Galileo’s time, In his time the macroscopic behavior were understood and microscopic laws can never be produced from the understanding of macro scope just like a particular individuals attribute can’t be found from a large number of individual’s group attribute] More…

Uncertainty Principle Again. Reply

2. The object can be a large object, eg say something whose picture you are taking. But as explained above its not the energy of the object (or momentum) which is directly coming into the problem. That would be an added degree of concern if the object is moving with certain velocity, a reason why pictures are blurred. Because motion of objects introduces additional energy-time-momentum-position variables and their corresponding uncertainties. For the argument of the above problem one can imagine the large sized object, lets say a bird, is standing still on a tree while its picture is being taken. In that case if the wavelength of the light [few 100 nano meters = 1/10th of a micrometer] is used (eg in a digital-camera) the corresponding accuracy of the light will be less than micrometers. You can take a very sharp picture of the bird, which is lets say 6 inch long. But when you zoom in to a large degree, the inaccuracies will show up. [in this case how to see a micrometer level image? Is a computer sufficient to show us the uncertain edges of the pixels?] If the wavelength (here visible light) is so small, evidently by de-Broglie relationship, momentum or energy of such light is very large. But its not as large to disturb the feelings of the bird. The bird doesn’t have a problem with visible light, and such energy does not disturb its position or energy or any thing so to say. So while Quantum Mechanics is valid, we are accustomed to say this is a classical mechanics situation. To say QM is invalid is incorrect. To say QM is understood to be valid is a knowledgeable position. More…

Telos is Greek for end. So nice. Reply

Sean has this lucidly written this article on our existential moorings .. “Why we move towards Future differently from Past eg is Thermodynamics and Arrow of Time”. What I picked up is though, two interesting cognates of Greek with Sanskrit.

Telos is Greek for End. Well it is so for Sanskrit, (hence ILS, almost all Indian Language System you can bet); See t is almost always tied to s, eg store, starvation. Its one syllable unit. (transliteration locked or locked by alphabet occurrence, origin) So you can add the s. (phonetic also means you can eg say selos, telos etc) stelos. l is a y or j etc, a softer rendering which makes the l not so perceptible any more. Actually l/j alternation is very prominent (as are m/b and p/e etc) so seyas (or any closer phonetics) Thats nothing but Indi: shesh = end.

Also its worthwhile to mention that the Odia: sari (sariba, sarijiba) originates here, because l/r (Japanese Language always renders the l into r) In the end, sari is closer to sura, sur, surya etc (solar = sol + sor, emphasized by double or synonims and taking s common, it means sun)

[just like Gel <> Tel = Oil, Gelman is thus telman or oil Jews, India had them, Bene Israelis, but the primary meaning is sun; suleman, suyan etc]

arche is Greek for Begin. Well why not? Sanskrit is Adya (acha) [this is teh origin of the neutral meaning of arjya = early, adya all are phonetic variation of each other, in fact ardhanariswara is arjyanariswara = male+female+divinity not 1/2 female divinity, also its this arche, adya arjya which becomes aaga(w) Odia for early, first, top, begin.]

Thats the spirit of sanskrit as we have been told, sama+kruta = refined/analyzed from equal consideration of many language tracts.

some of my letters from 2002. Reply

Kalinga Debate.

Some “debate” on Kalinga as a State. April 29 – May 1, 2002

Reproduced ditto, except, space-bar and underline.

Hello P**aa,

I’ve been staying in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA since the last 8/9 months and I am pursuing my PhD. in Physics after doing my M.Sc. in Utkal University. Very soon (in 15 days) I am going to go to Japan for one year (for the time being) to do some experimental work in an international particle physics lab there.

I have the same patriotic feeling as you do about our country in general and our state in particular.

I have so much thing I wish I’d tell you about how my thoughts have changed after I came here that I can not tell you right now because of the time constraint. But I’ll write you back very soon about what I feel what the problem is with India , my changed perceptions about why a country with such large potential is lagging behind.

Probably for the time-being you’d bear with me for begging some more time.

My personal opinion is the name of our state should change to “kalinga”. But you know what we have ground problems. More…

China infiltrates India. Reply

Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 10:39 pm UTC + 05:30

Originally from summer last year. It passed so quickly. It was indeed an eventful year. I mean I went to Mysore (for first time in life) on May 27th, 2013 and lived there for 4 month before coming to Bangalore and then Odisha, in October. That was therefore about 8 months ago, from today. I made a humor on the recurring Indo-China border issues and infiltration that was in news.

“I thought I wouldn’t say anything on this because its very natural. You know China enters India and India likes it. Know what I am sayin? China? enters India. India? Likes it. Why does India not enter China? WELL if you believe relative motion India is also entering China, in every way possible. Perhaps they both like it.”

Why Japanese is the most elaborate Language? Reply

Couple years ago, for this reason, not the kai reason, but any phonetic-word-attempt which gave me tons of kanjis, for same phonetics, I said, Japanese Language has so many synonyms, (perhaps this is anti-synonym, but in my defense, I don’t remember exact word I used, its a memory retrieval, you see) and still Japanese Language unites them all and makes into one language; we can also do this for Indian language.
Indian (Language) would be far easier (than the complexity of Japanese) in that, given, lets say, jack-fruit will have 8 different words only, across India, then, we have to put them all into one syllable-alphabet unit (that can be newly defined, because now we have at-least 20 ways to define) eg Hindi: kathar/kathal, Odi: panas (Telugu also Panas, I know, I asked this to my friend 15 years ago, he was from AP, his name Venkateswaralu Goruganthi, funny fella with thilak on his head, see since when I am doing my language research?) I don’t know more language, lets say: Gujurati: xyz.

Then take all Indian Language and list these into one unit. That unit would be given a special phonetic tag. (Because we don’t have any) The reverse of this has been accomplished by Japanese. By having each meaning for a single phonetic or syllable unit as a kanji (or pictorial unit) they have unified language. Back then I said, 20 some synonyms, (so many = 20) Lets count today.
As if a coincidence I found 20. Although, there would be, some redundant issues here (eg 買い and 買 ) and a few more may be left. (eg I remember, now I know some Japanese Language by memory: kai = write, kai in kaishi = begin). Lets see what we found in Japanese for kai; each of the following is kai, with different meaning. Only one is (sa)kai and couple are not known (just kai, in 2nd line), from where I am searching. Lets then, give their meaning.

会 回 海 買い 貝 階 解 界 介 下位 峡 怪 甲斐 飼い 買 櫂 快 歌意 交い 科医

Meeting Time Sea Buy Shellfish Floor Solution Field Through Subordinate Isthmuses Mystery Worth Domestic Purchase Paddle Comfort Kai Kai Family-physician More…