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Gandhi “Even my hopes are brittle now”.

Disclaimer; This is just a spontaneous concocting of words, without any particular stoking of reason. And the interpretation follows after I had a good nap. So, its like its just creative dabbling.

shamma hae suhana
mausam ashiqana
yahan jo hona tha
wo to na hua
bas chal raha hae pina
hasina is sitting with kamina

aman me lagi hae aag
chaman me pasina
gam ka aaj bhi yuun
jam ke barasnaa !

daddy ji aye the
muskura kar bole
mere bhi tute hain tamanna !

Thinking about it hours later this is what I meant;

The ambiance and weather is all fine here in India
The economic development that were expected here
Were not to happen.
Only celebrations


तुम्हारे फुर्सत — in your leisure !

उर्दू ही तो है;
… … तुम्हारे फुर्सत में भी तुमाहरे बाप के मेहनत नज़र आये
तुम्हारे लड़खड़ाने में उसके तौर तरीके – मसले – नज़र आए

… … Your leisure shall remind you your fathers hard-work.
Your failures shall remind you his philosophies and issues.

Which books to follow if you are to begin learning Japanese. #mdashf #Japanese1

When I am asked for my references for which books one should follow to begin learning Japanese, here is what I suggest.

1. For Hiragana, Katakana (the phonetic alphabet)

This book comes with many exercises and really quick to teach you most important things as a beginner. Its an excellent and slim size book.

にほんご かんたん (reads Nihongo Kantan, in Hiragana, means: Easy Japanese)

Book Title: SPEAK JAPANESE, A textbook for young students.

Authors, Kiyo Saka and Hisako Yoshiki
Publications, Kenkyusha

2. Learning practical and wide deal of applications into living life in Japan, this “Lonely Planet Phrasebooks for Japanese” with 2000 words 2-way pocket size dictionary.

करना है दुआ तो अपनों कि कर

करना है दुआ तो अपनों कि कर भरना है जेब तो शाबाशी से भर लेनी है इम्तिहान तो ले अपनी बिबेक कि जाना रहेगा वहाँ जहाँ जाते हैं सौकी बनना है उल्लू तो पूछ आ उसे भी क्यों आता है… Read More ›

I am my own radio-station (Life’s partyin .. )

Just did something creative I think. So even if the quality may not be great here is to you all my loving readers and viewers.

and merely re-recorded !version !

Integration (a poem in Hindi with translation to English )

I have endured the expectations of life so

I am spread from minus infinity to plus

Someone integrate me and tell me

Am a fair of divergences and singularities?

Life has created the paranoia of difficulties

Walking the path of life I have become a lone tourist

I make friends from strangers

Their relation with me is like ice-floors

(The relation is sturdy but slippery)

In the middle of no-man’s land

there was no choice
to lower my voice
I got carried away
I was driving a rolls-Royce
I can never make my
dear ones laugh
thats despite of the fact that
I am a goofy slap
I keep harping on
on that dull little tune
my papa hears that
he’d bring me a good one soon

ଦେହେ କୁଂକୁମ ସିନ୍ଦୁର ଲଗାଇ !!

ଦେହେ କୁଂକୁମ ସିନ୍ଦୁର ଲଗାଇ ସତେ କି ପଡିଛି ଅରୁଣ ଛାଇ ଯାଉଚ୍ଛ କାହିଁ ? କଥା ମୋର ଟିକେ ଶୁଣନ୍ତ ନାହିଁ ? ସୁନ୍ଦରୀ ମାନଂକ ମେଳ ରେ ବସି ଦିଶୁ ଥାଅ ଏକ ରୁପସୀ ଶଶୀ !! ଝଲକୀ ଯାଏସେ ଦୁରରୁ ଆସି !! ଯାଉଚ୍ଛ କାହିଁ ?

もう一つ も 気持ち は 要らない mouhitotsu mo kimochi ha ira nai (don’t need another feeling)

あなた の 近く に
いきたい いきたい
私 の 胸 から
秘密 の 恋の
自分 の 気持ち を

初 の 恋 を
今日 で また に
あなた の そば で
今日 で また に
思いだ してる

心 の 秘密 の
恋ンの 温い の 気持ち を
この 時期 の 風 の
寒い の 気持ち の
今日で またに
思い だ 持ってる
もう一つ の 願い
あなた に 何時も 信じてる
この じき の 風 の
寒い の 気持ち の
甘い の 物事 を
今日で またに
私 の ため に
もう一つ も
気持ち は 要らない

Close to you

I want to go .. I want to go

From under my heart

secret love

I want to hold my feelings

Like first love

Today again it comes

By your side

Today again I want to think

Secret of my heart

The warm feeling of love

The breeze at this time

The cold feeling

Today again the wishes have come

I have Another wish

I always want to believe in you

The breeze at this time

The cold feelings

The sweet things

Today again I want to feel

I do not need another feeling

The snow dream (Japanese poem I wrote today)

here is a poem in Japanese I wrote as a memoir for birth day
(English and romaji below)
雪 の 思い出させる
睡 て 夢がえる
広いの 道路
じぶんで 走る
胸 の 下 から
君 の 暖か の 思い
また に 思い出させる
雪 の おどり
君 と 一緒に
君 の 秘密 の 思い
恋 で 夢がえる

VA is for lovers

cos life is all about gettin out and

making an impression on others

Uhaul is for movers and

mars for land rovers

Chair is not for father

and kitchen not for mother

but thats exactly what

is happenin out there

12 haikus in Odia

There are 12 haikus therefore in total [Odia-haiku]

(5) ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7) ଟୁପୁରୁ ଟୁପୁରୁ ଠୋ (5) କେସର ଗଜା

(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)କବାଡି କବାଡି ଢୋ (5)ବାଳୁଂଗା ମଜା …
(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)କିଚିରୀ କିଚିରୀ କୀଂ (5)ଗାତୁଆ ମୁଷା

(5)ବେଂଗୁଲୀ କଥା (7)ଘାଇଁ ଘିରି ଘିରି ପିଂ (5)ଗାଉଁଲି ରଜା

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