Disclaimer; This is just a spontaneous concocting of words, without any particular stoking of reason. And the interpretation follows after I had a good nap. So, its like its just creative dabbling.

Gandhi; I have loved him since as long as I have known his character. I have always wanted to poke fun at him. But thats just spontaneous. Sometimes you can’t poke fun at certain groups or individuals. eg the Nazis. Now they are in our country as well. 

shamma hae suhana
mausam ashiqana
yahan jo hona tha
wo to na hua
bas chal raha hae pina
hasina is sitting with kamina

aman me lagi hae aag
chaman me pasina
gam ka aaj bhi yuun
jam ke barasnaa !

daddy ji aye the
muskura kar bole
mere bhi tute hain tamanna !

Thinking about it hours later this is what I meant;

The ambiance and weather is all fine here in India
The economic development that were expected here
Were not to happen.
Only celebrations

Hasina is sitting with kamina
The peace is destroyed in the country
The neighbors are sweating
The sadness that continues to flow

Gandhi’d visited
Smirked and said “even my hopes are brittle now“.

Gandhi was a symbol of peace and love. But he is outdated, we can’t emulate him. An average person today is not going to be as influential as him, to enjoy power and coitus this way without being far outweighing in the ethical issues that surround us.

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