A proposal from my PhD thesis

The experimental high-energy physics processes are a brilliant case of application of the rules and methodologies of statistics. It comprises of multitude of processes each having a unique topography and physical kinematics. Some of the processes are called the signal for their specific treatment for extraction of a physical quantity. The other processes are mainly categorized as a bunch of background processes each contaminating the signal processes. The signals and background processes can crossfeed each other in the measurement of the yield for each of the process. There are errors associated with yield measurements and these propagate through the estimation of the yield and the efficiencies of the cross-feed associated with each yield [signal and background]. [Ref 1, Ref 2]

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The new glitch in OPERA.

( UPDATE, 19.11.2013 — Establishment here refers to the standing of Theory of Relativity in making speed-of-light as 2.99 x 1,00,000 kms/second, therefore they have attacked speed-of-light hypothesis and a cable glitch doesn’t take away their claim, as their claim was made on the basis of Physics in their paper, the glitch only deletes one data point, that the late arrival was a dubious data-point, but no-one knew of such a glitch at the time of their claim, more-so those who claimed the “imminent” failure of Einstein’s Theory.)

I mean 3 hours of basic Physics could have suggested pretty easily that 3 years worth of data taking is merely consistent with establishment, the order of the Goliath. They (simply) did not interpret their results correctly and that is the crux of the matter.

I have a punctured tyre, but what makes me think that I can drive 733 kms with it. I didn’t know I had a punctured tyre. But then its still punctured and it can not take you afar. Unless you ( — metaphoric you, read also as we) assume that puncture tyre are as good as good ones and they can take you thousands of kms.

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Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle from a new angle

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle from wave-particle duality. The wave-particle duality states that any mechanical object can exhibit both wave and particle behavior and the complementarity priniciple states that they can not both be observed simultaneously. That is the wave and teh particle nature are only exclusive ly observed given a specific time or time window, the window

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The physical meaning of Schwarzschild Radius. Flyby, Pioneer and OPERA anomaly.

since we are using light-speed in our theory we must make an error at the order of S-radii since by definition S-radii is the distance over which the relevant-mass does not let even light escape (read the linked article above and here: All masses behave like black-holes to some extent). SO thats (S-radii) the minimum error or speed anomaly. That is where the singularity of Theory of Relativity exists. Sun’s S-radii is 3 kms hence 3 kms/sec order error on satellites is permitted by Theory of Relativity, at the surface or away from surface the anomaly gradually drops down, as we go far from the effect of gravity, asymptotically to zero. Which is what we are seeing, the speed-anomaly of pioneer is decreasing. Except we do not go close to Sun’s surface hence we do not see 3 kms/sec. We are far away from it and seeing 1.27 mm/sec. (That is our radar is not placed on Sun’s surface but earth’s surface)

400 kms/year is not small, this millimeter accuracy is inbuilt into theory of Relativity, or it would not explain cosmology.

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