3 myths of physics, especially in textbooks.

2. Last year in a text book in Indian High School curriculum, I spotted and corrected with my students, the following:

Myth; there are only 3 quarks that have been detected or FOUND/confirmed so far, in nature.

Its based on a knowledge that was true more than 3 decades ago. All quarks, 6 of them, have been confirmed as hypothesized, the last of them was confirmed 2 decades ago. So there is really no reason why these facts should have been omitted from the text books that are updated every few years as such. Who are our experts?

3. During my freelance research, I have pointed out the following fact within last 3 or 2 years. A recurring myth in very advance texts of physics, concurrently followed in major and wide number of universities around the world, some of the finest texts in the field of particle physics and widely believed to be excellent, which they are nonetheless.

Myth; (particle life time and range of forces) A (force carrier) particle is long range if its mass is zero. Lifetime is the uncertainty that gives rise to an energy which is equivalenced through Einstein’s mass-energy relation and mass being zero, we have an infinite range as range is inversely proportional.

Fact; This is murky waters. Its a manipulation of sorts. Experimentally life times are quite arbitrary, while mass is supposedly fixed. Neutrino has a mean-life from 15 seconds to 10 billion seconds in order of magnitude .. I have hypothesized that’s possible, because it has such a high energy, and given it can’t lose this energy via any possible processes, it must live that long.

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Interesting language facts …

What Hiragana does? pa/ba/ha are the same letter with the degeneracy accomodated by only a dot or 2-small-strokes. There are 3 set pa/ba/ha why look at the maths, there are only 2 extra symbols as one of the 3 does not need any symbol. 3 sets produce 15 characters as there are a combination of vowels [aa, i, u, o, e sounds and 3 letters pa/ba/ha, now they are accomodated by only 5letters+2symbols, 15 >> 7, in case of India this is 15 letters + a few unnecessary symbols.

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Least action principle and principle of equivalence …

This article is written in the flow of my intuition which is in a chronological order without any flip-flops. So first I came up with the idea Principle of equivalence means nature of potential energy and kinetic energy are same hence they are equivalents not gravitational mass and kinematic mass as represented through all texts [read other articles linked in this article for this idea] Then I came with the idea it actually follows from Prinicple of Least action in a round about way [which could be spurious and incorrect but leads to the answer] and in a direct and simple way in two lines.

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A fundamental physical problem [Physics + comptational Physics]

I wonder like a minimum uncertainty relation exists if there also exists a maximum or upper-limit uncertainty relation which is provided by the classical world. The classical world is then emergent from the quantum world when the degrees of freedom [dof] collapse onto a classical limit. The classical limit when enters the quantum realm the dof and forces increase. In the classical realm forces are well known for individual particle motions.

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