Gravity warps space-time.

Since flat space-time can be thought of in Newtonian mechanics as an absence of force or potential of gravity, the presence of such forces is ipso-facto a curvature of space and time, therefore space-time. Thats just another two lines to prove what I claimed, ideally and intuitively.

” eg when earth occupies the space-time around it, its effect, interaction or force is larger at a distance which is closer to the surface and smaller at a distance which is farther away, the force decreases radially-linearly, not linearly as such. So there are equipotential surfaces of gravity which are merely concentric spherical enclosures, one at each value of r=distance. This is tricky because its a potential energy where the reference can be chosen arbitrarily in a given situation. In other words, potential energy being negative, its the absolute or modulus of the energy we are talking about. In essence this is to say, the force without the direction specified.

Its interesting to note, thats so because force is a vector and associated with direction and energy being an integral of force, energy has to go on decreasing if energy continues to produce a force. This is again similar to a situation where like a bank account, the more time you spend in a pub the more you have to spend. “

My vision for India’s education.

This failure is primarily because of a paradigm shift that India hasn’t yet fully realized. The achievement of international standard needs to be a national effort to lead towards international standing, NOT a branding phenomena. The “Nobel” efforts such as that of Rabindranath Tagore and CV Raman are respectable, but they could NOT meet the demands of an international dream that India has discovered for itself in the last decade.

Future is therefore “gleam” unless truly national effort of international nature (read international effectiveness) is realized in the next 5 to 10 years. The IITs and BITs and IISc are reputed organizations, but haven’t kept up with a national dream, so they can not run into the international miles. The new names such as Nalanda and Vedanta University are either in their metamorphosis or strangulated in sightless paranoia.

Opinions on exorbitant cost of educative materials.

I can’t understand why the books are made so much expensive. Sometimes, I wonder whether they really want profit, or they just want that no one reads these books. They claim that the Author has put so much work and he should be paid for this. But I think if the price of the book is reasonable many people will buy and this way the profit will increase more and also they can satisfy their soul that they are spreading knowledge. In fiction, I can agree that the author put many imagination.

But in Science, most of the books [almost all in this era] are not the work of just one person but of many people and if we think logically, it is the research done on Millions of Dollars of [$] tax money by the society. So, the science doesn’t belong to a few persons but to the society as a whole and books are a way to return back value to them. I agree that authors need to be paid but if the books price is so high then who will buy them.

Multiverses are not string theoretic ideas, they are plain quantum mechanics

**Multiverse effect is quantum mechanical, has relations to various everyday phenomena we see but never ponder upon, jump to 6th paragraph if you are to read the old discussion of multiverse extracted from a very longish discussion. Or just go through some interesting snippets, an introduction of kind.

para1: This is something I had thought out at-least about 3 years ago and later in 2008, september(?) talked about Uncertainty Principle [click on preceding link], with a longish discussion thread on my webmohan.wordpress blog, as a powerpoint slide and other text discussion [the discusson was from only an year ago]. But explicitly I had mentioned the idea of multiverse, I have at various places, such as on a facebook pictures named “vieleuniversum”: with one of my picture artificially smeared into two by a graphic-converter application on my macintosh, the other example I had given where I didn’t say multiverse, but rather pointed out the effect was a picture which was smeared out: a natural phenomena in this latter case.

An approach towards solving actual problems in Physics

Back to electrons, there is always a fundamental thing to know about anything, that we already did not know. This has a great deal of significance for and from the Standard Model (and its spokesperson the PDG book, the so called bible of particle physics, but you may as well call it the “encyclopedia of the particle world”), you can always think of something important regarding the physical process by seeing what is known and what is not known. I believe modern Physics research should be done on such an approach and later unified (So it can come from many different people and different groups). I also see that many of the progress we have seen today have been achieved because of such an approach (My almamater of scientific research the Belle Group Experiments are one such example). The diversity in unity and unity in diversity of the scientific community should work towards a higher goal.

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