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There is nothing there.

According to classical mechanics — from 400 year old knowledge of physics, space and time have been considered to be separate entities but not fundamental. Space and time were not considered fundamental quantities as these parameters did not have the mandate to change physical laws of nature. They were merely the tools of the mind or the more aptly the conscious mind. They help us visualize but not dictate what ought to happen.

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The quality of a scientific paper … A casual reposition.

The quality of a scientific paper are not ZERO if citation is zero. Perhaps we need to define two parameters, quality and significance of scientific communication. Quality; a well done research in the best traditions and methods available. Significance; the outreach of the paper to bring effect into others work and others understanding toward the subject matter.

While there will always be a downside to both parameters, citation reflects the significance (and quality as much as it correlated to significance) of a paper.

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Mathew and anti Mathew effect.

I wanted to write this article, separately, as I didn’t want to break the flow of Physics arguments in the article, where this point came up.

This point was originally raised by Feynman; as far as I know. If David Mermin comes, he will stick his cotton buds, and wipe this out, and claim he said it, there is no lack of such incredible people. All he does say in that article, linked here, is so typical of plagiarists that you wouldn’t believe how murkily he dismisses Feynman as the original fellow who might have said so, “he is a great mind calculator, so nobody would ask him to shut up and calculate”.

How about nobody would think “Madonna” is a slut. A beautiful lady in the corner, well nobody would be harsh to her, such harshness would only be toward me, only I would be one to whom such a treatment can be mated, and that would be David Mermin’s famous and infamous proof and evidence of Mathew Effect of which he is apparently a victim.
If, anything, even I knew of “shut up and calculate” in my grad days, as a phrase ascribed to Feynman, in my privacy of studies, in other words never discussed with anyone, but knew of it, and grew in associating this behavioral treatment towards myself, going as far idiosyncratically, even to compare the thickness of my own hair, with Feynman’s, I can’t be Feynman, or can I be? Can “shut up and calculate” be used on any grad student or similarly placed researcher? Yes, it can be and thats the whole message, not the interpretation by the name of the city of Copenhagen.

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Sir J. J. Thomson, the man behind electrons. Happy birth day Scientists. #mdashf #birthday2

#mdashf (insights from #mdashf) Thomson who discovered electrons so you can study in electric bulb and heat your breads in toaster and distinguish between naked women and not really naked women on TV, while eating that bread and your wife’s coaxing. Cathode Ray Tubes were not possible without this man’s contribution towards electron’s discovery. So lets not forget him on his birthday, today: the 19th December 2013. The electron was discovered more than 115 yrs ago.

Happy birth day Scientists. #mdashf #birthday2

#mdashf (insight of #mdashf) Sir J. J. Thomson, discovered the electron. The particle that gives us electric current and lit our bulbs and heat to toaster breads.

(Physics Today Insight) It’s the birthday of Joseph John “J J” Thomson, who was born in 1856 in Manchester, England. In 1897 Thomson found that cathode rays could be deflected by an electric field. He correctly deduced that cathode rays consist of tiny negatively charged particles: He had discovered the electron. Thomson was also a talented mentor: Six of his students – as well as his son, George – went on to earn Nobel prizes.