#mdashf (insights from #mdashf) Thomson who discovered electrons so you can study in electric bulb and heat your breads in toaster and distinguish between naked women and not really naked women on TV, while eating that bread and your wife’s coaxing. Cathode Ray Tubes were not possible without this man’s contribution towards electron’s discovery. So lets not forget him on his birthday, today: the 19th December 2013. The electron was discovered more than 115 yrs ago.

Happy birth day Scientists. #mdashf #birthday2

#mdashf (insight of #mdashf) Sir J. J. Thomson, discovered the electron. The particle that gives us electric current and lit our bulbs and heat to toaster breads.

(Physics Today Insight) It’s the birthday of Joseph John “J J” Thomson, who was born in 1856 in Manchester, England. In 1897 Thomson found that cathode rays could be deflected by an electric field. He correctly deduced that cathode rays consist of tiny negatively charged particles: He had discovered the electron. Thomson was also a talented mentor: Six of his students – as well as his son, George – went on to earn Nobel prizes.

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