A satanic memory

So these chaps would go to a nearby village and steal coconuts. Now the villagers discovered this and gave these Coconut Mujahideen group a chase for stealing their coconuts. These guys successfully managed to elope. But the villagers were smarter and they were locals. So they went to the railway station in a group.

What’s a man got to do with his wife?

A story from 2001/2002

What’s a man got to do with his wife?

[[nothing !! well then your wife is goinnu leave you ;)]]

I have this great friend I made long ago, way back in 2001. Not quite as long as my high school days. But in graduate school you have got to be quite inspired to get to know as many people as you can. And I am this guy who always has friends as soon as he arrives in a place.

That’s not happening as much anymore but that has to do with how I have become this online zombie over the years.

How did I spend the last week !!

Talking about Indian tourers, a young lady that traveled from Mumbai to Pune by herself, that seemed to me like a lifestyle trip rather than one of urgent commute of a frequent flier like me, boarded the bus. And I did enjoy the busy crowd, enjoyed the cleanliness of a “restroom” right across the high-way. I have a story to share about the proclivity to call such places a rest room and what kind of danger that one may be led to in India, towards where it would belong in this write-up.