The values and ideals of science, religion and atheism, are there parallels?

If it is anything that resides on two sides of a coin, it is religion and atheism, they contrast each other like a head and tail. It does not matter who tells this, Einstein or Dick Cheney, Science is just far far away from any of that. Science is only an ideal value, which intelligent human beings have fortunately sustained through ages. There is intelligence in religion, there is so in atheism and there is so in science, but they are all rested on different values.

One can argue that there are scientists that are atheists and there are the scientists that are believers of a creator and a philosophy of creation. But that does not bring atheism or religion, as contrasting values towards, the ideals of science.

There is a need to understand the values of science, it is subtle and it is far-reaching. Far reaching by its definition means something which one does not have to carry like one carries a belief, but when one investigates and discovers, one finds the inherent values, all refined and understood, in the contemporary system.

A little conversation about values we intend for religion.

“religion is superior to science” — in trying to provoke me, I was fuming with utter discomfort, I said only those who believe in religion and not in science can say this. He was holding a book of religion and philosophy, by a popular author.

I said these books are not at all practical, these are never teaching us any practical value. They are just writing because there is a market for such bs.

I said I will take a random page and prove that this book you are holding with esteem is crap. I turned it up and the page read “we have not evolved intellectually from stone age” whose essence in saying so, was based on the unreasonable thinking that science is just a thing to be used for comfort and not recognized for the tremendous intellectual progress it has brought forth, for all of humanity, including the ones that vociferously advocate for religion.

Conflict of interest, between science and religion.

The difference between a principle of religion and a principle of science is, in case of religion, it is the same principle that produces a believer on one hand and atheists and non-believers on the other. For a principle of science, there is a varying degree of acceptance, but that comes from how much someone is capable of understanding these principles, not from a personal wish.

A religion and science situation.
Many people think, or at-least pretend that they do, (1) religion is anti-scientific or (2) science is anti-religious but the mere fundamental thing is, to realize; religion is an index of our ignorance.

The natural question that then arises;

Is science an index of our knowledge?

Does the ignorance that props up in science, a license to nurture ignorance and call it religion?

Jesus was killed because he was a mockingbird.

My opinions and views on religion

— as I understand it and as it is associated with social and cultural phenomena, that I have seen …

— This is a 3.7 K worded article, with very well meaning humor, some of which you might not find alluring to your taste, but how would I know, if I were not to tell them. Its well organized even though long, so not a good idea to skip section just because you want to know “why Jesus was killed?”. So, it begins with some personal philosophies or views as you may.

Are there any difference between Views and Opinions?

I hardly have views on anything. More appropriately, I must confess, I keep them to myself. I was once advised, that our views in the world doesn’t matter. Not knowing how to deal with that view, I let go, of that view.

So I am ready to imagine that, these are not views, rather these are my opinions and as they come, if the world doesn’t see any value in them, these opinions are liable to be rejected, criticized, un-understood, despised; anything but be treated for what they really are, opinions. Opinions are like taste.

I have met many folks, who do not like the taste of green tea, or a pickle or a movie or a conversation. A brilliant conversation by some peoples taste standard, is a lousy one, for another individual or a group. This is the single-most suitable logic, why one must have his own set of opinions, despite of its acceptability. There are no universally acceptable opinions.

That is, we can not please everyone, so we must have our opinions. But, we must see that our opinions doesn’t cause us inconvenience. Because, we hardly have any control over our or another persons tastes. We may have some respect, for another persons tastes or opinions. We seldom think its appropriate to show our respect for others tastes and opinions, and we do show respect, sometimes.

Enough then, about tastes and opinions.

How is a view different from an opinion?

A view is more so connected, with what we see, which may be unique again, because there is one observer, than an opinion, an opinion is a matter of taste, what we like and do not like, irrespective of what we see.

Although a view has a connotation of relevance a bit more, than the relevance of an opinion, in the real world opinions makes more sense, than a view. And if your opinion has no value for any uncanny type of individual, how is he going to give value to your views?

To be able to respect others views, which is more important, we must in someway develop some tolerance for others tastes. So in that sense, a view is a refined opinion, howsoever gorgeous it sounds, at the level of our understanding, a view is still an opinion.

Without cutting more grass than needed for the horse, I am therefore, going to express my views on religion as I understand it. — And, I am sorry I called my readers a horse, but I also called myself a grass cutter. :P

My personal, social, religious background.

I am borne into a Hindu Brahman family. — You are glad to know that? :D

This proclamation, in my mind, has no more significance, than say, the social and cultural settings in which I grew and the quality of my life, which is insured by such a connection, if it is and oppositely; the amount of vulgarities that is supposedly deserved by me because I am a Brahman.

If this sounds like any self-abasement, then you are hearing me partly, because, I am just trying to give a complete picture.

Some of the advantage, that are supposed to be applicable to any Brahman, but