A little conversation about what purported values we intend for religion
written about 3 or 4 weeks ago
between religion and education, figure out which one is scant but effective and which one is plenty but detrimental. and which one makes us obstinate and unprepared.

MG: Religion and Education is not good combination.

MD: They better be. But look at the world academia, clandestinely and proudly converting the innocent minds with a doctrine based and dogma based education, to my shock they still call it education, because the doctrines are exposited within the bounds of school curricula in some form or other, from western creationism this has percolated to Indianic bounds where they are asking “what is wrong with it?” Shouldn’t it be “what is right with it?”

MG: Students should get information about all religions, but I don’t like education based on any religion.

MD: The other day my brother-in-law said “religion is superior to science” — in trying to provoke me, I was fuming with utter discomfort, I said only those who believe in religion and not in science can say this. He was holding a book of religion and philosophy, by a popular author.

I said these books are not at all practical, these are never teaching us any practical value. They are just writing because there is a market for such bs.
I said I will take a random page and prove that this book you are holding with esteem is crap. I turned it up and the page read “we have not evolved intellectually from stone age” whose essence in saying so, was based on the unreasonable thinking that science is just a thing to be used for comfort and not recognized for the tremendous intellectual progress it has brought forth, for all of humanity, including the ones that vociferously advocate for religion.
I think this is a form of pseudo-intellect, they stand on ground and proclaim they are only floating in air.

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