How soon you can get 1 million views on slide-share !

I got a great formula, which is quite awesome and you can apply it if you want.

Lets say you want such and such number of views on your slide-share. Lets say 1 million. What you have to do?

step1- open your own website. Make sure it gets 100 views a day.
step2- open your slide-share, put N number of slide-shows. If N varies over time, views will vary accordingly.

How soon will you get a million views on slide-share?

Its 1million/(N*100*365) Years.

Airplanes are cheaper modes of communication than auto-rikshaw.

Per km fare of a typical airfare now a days could be Rs 3. That for an auto Rs 14.

If you were to (only hypothetically: spherical cow) continue to travel via auto for 1500 kms, you would spend far more for the fare this way, than for an airplane, in that proportion, apart from fatigue, time of travel, inconvenience and other contingencies.

But airplanes do look like auto, in some sense, usually 3 main places where wheels are located in an airplane? atleast asis visible right away, in the reverse order of an auto, although technically airplanes could have far more numbers of wheels.

My PhD Thesis, Preliminary Exam !

But my own PhD thesis is a kind of different tale altogether. For my work there is no CP Violation.

In CP Violation two leptons (electrons and positrons are leptons) are imparted quite good amount of energy and made to collide against each other. Thus just like in CERN lab, there is a much smaller tunnel at the Tsukuba facility, called an accelerator-detector facility. In this facility an electron and positron pairs are given enough energy and made to circle in opposite direction.

When they collide, they are made to do so, right inside the detector. They produce pairs of B-mesons. The B-meson one and two, they are almost at rest when they are produced, in the lab frame of reference. But the matter of fact is the B-mesons are produced from what are called Upsilon (4S) mesons.

These Upsilons are called resonances, and they are highly unstable (all resonances are short lived elementary particles). So they turn into B-mesons as soon as they are created.

Status of my websites.

I do not have any more websites except perhaps tumblr which I haven’t visited for months its a free site and mapped from other websites. Social media is a dependent on our free labor and makes us work hard for it, but has been somewhat useful for publicity of my websites. If you have liked reading stuff say yay.

Empire Avenue score is haircut. You take so long to grow the scores like hair, a week of inactivity sees it all to the floor.