Status of my websites.

I had updated 3 of my websites to .org sites and there were other dreams in the pipe line which are NE-way not in the aisle for execution. So the blogger where I had started my first blog in 2007 (when I believed in a positive hopeful world to now when I am stronger but I know the world sucks) has 2 or 3 blogs still in their free-form.

You may not know there was a blog I started with the name !! I never publicized it perhaps.

My main website that was really popular and was also called Various Musings or [samazamana Omoi [様々な思い]] turned into which was not updated anymore when came into powerplay. was initially (and still although is where it redirects) when it was opened to take face-book posts to minimal, during last world cup cricket, a time also when I started drinking diet cokes for the 1st time in my life. Yay Bruce Vogelar.

When quickly became popular although did not as fast surpassed various musings I had to inform that Various Musings would not be maintained as frequently. All contents are available on .. That has been a year or more and now domain registration of expired last week. I may or may not update it back to that domain. So the website is still available in its address.

I had at the same time opened a site with some ambitions and through DreamHost. It seemed for traffic like 10 or 20 a week (I never really spent any time there although had a premium theme of London Lives ) DreamHost charged me about 80$ for one month (for no traffic when bandwidth is so high for zero usage it was an unnecessary expenditure) so I am not updating that site. Not sure its domain registration is valid or not. And the ambitions are in pipeline. (may be pipeline does not exist anymore)

So all in all enjoy whose contents are wide and I will always write there. The domain registration is valid for a year but bundle pack expired which means the premium font has vanished, will re-install them soon, vid press and no-ad are not active (they come in bundle) extra space isn’t available but premium theme Newsy is a one time investment. Also stat counter which is an external service from 3rd party is a yearly subscription which hasn’t been renewed.

I do not have any more websites except perhaps tumblr which I haven’t visited for months its a free site and mapped from other websites. Social media is a dependent on our free labor and makes us work hard for it, but has been somewhat useful for publicity of my websites. If you have liked reading stuff say yay.

Empire Avenue score is haircut. You take so long to grow the scores like hair, a week of inactivity sees it all to the floor.

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