Addendum to Coriolis Force; Definition of Centripetal Force.

We need to understand first that Force can be categorized into two types. One is called tangential or collinear force. This component of the force is always along the direction of motion and changes speed of an object. It can change direction once the velocity of the object has become zero. Its NOT centripetal force. It can never make an object go in a plane or 3 D trajectory, as the motion is limited to only one dimension. The object can only go back and forth.

Now look at the other component. Its called a radial force. Its always perpendicular to the direction of motion. This force is called centripetal force, always. Note that its different from what we call central forces.

In consequence, both tangential and radial forces can be central.

Coriolis Force; an interesting idea

Coriolis Force
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I have been thinking of writing a basic introduction, on this important physical concept — of, what’s known as a Coriolis force.

It is one of the interesting ideas of physics, which does not get as much of a mention perhaps, unless you just happen to know this, because of your advance footing, in the discourses of physics.

This is perhaps so because its two orders of magnitude smaller, in its strength, compared to relevant forces, in a situation, that involves this small — but its a significantly measurable force.

So, what’s a Coriolis Force?

I presume that most of us would be aware of, what’s a centrifugal force. Its in this context, that, a Coriolis force is most understandable.

So, what’s a centrifugal force?

A Centrifugal force, comes into picture, every time a centripetal force comes into consideration. A centrifugal force is the corresponding pseudo-force, of a centripetal force. So, for every centripetal force there would be a corresponding centrifugal force.

So, we need to shed light on a few things, before we understand, what is a Coriolis force. We need to, therefore, discuss; what are pseudo forces and what’s a centripetal or a centrifugal force, then a Coriolis force would be clearer, to the root.

So lets begin with force. 

Force has a basic standing in physics, in connection to, in what frames of reference we need to measure such a physical quantity, as are all other physical quantities to be measured, have a significance, as to in what frames of reference we are measuring those quantities in.