Do you know Beethoven? Reply

Based on real incident, perhaps in 2006, published on this website, Feb, 2011.


I hate proselytizers. I miss my bus because of them and I can’t sleep because they knock on my doors .

This really happened.

P: Hi bro

M: hey

P: You heard Beethoven?

M: No
(I am thinking one part of that no is, yes)

P: He played Piano long long ago
(No wonder, I didn’t hear him) More…

You don’t deal with people … Reply

You don’t deal with people. You let people deal with themselves. They are good at it. People are good at dealing with themselves. If they are not good at themselves let them deal with that. If they can’t suck you, let them suck themselves. Thats difficult than sucking someone else. Let them try a thing thats difficult than the one they refused to try: to deal with you.