What is it like to be in an Ivy League. Just a musing.

The other aspect is from my own experience, while you are highly qualified, you are perhaps no more pouring in as much as even you would like to pour in, in terms of real research. You or your employers don’t want you to go into controversies, because they drain you out of wit and the employer runs into razor sharp issues. The Ivy Leagues have the “requisite infrastructure” which is cutting edge in a way preconceived notion kind of way. It really does not open the actual researchers to the issues involved in fundamental thinking. And sooner or later we all the highly intellectual kind belong to a level where we see our wit’s end. It takes the highly competitive experience of figuring out what exactly the Ivy League want from you for you and them to be successful lest which they are subjected to competitive and often no so harmless scrutiny from even tiny rats.

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The 1 ppm mentality of India in education.

This article talks about some educational paradigms of India but gives the following anecdote to the end.

Belated Happy Feynman Birthday. 11/may/2013. He was born this day in the year 1918. 8 years younger to my maternal grand father. Which is why I am always amazed by Feynman. My grand pa was a farmer in a village of India and a teacher, a renowned teacher at that in his locality. He was paralyzed in his last years and died in 1996. Thats again exactly 8 years after 1988 demise of Feynman. Hence they both lived exactly 70 years of age. They were both outstanding teachers and artists {my grand pa was a fabulous artist, a fact I had forgotten over the years, he drew many things for me when I was about 7/8 years old, including say Shiva or Ramayana, at an instant’s notice by me}, Feynman was a bright star in the Glove, my grand pa only in his locality which perhaps extended say 100 villages if not more. Feynman was a farmer in some sense because of his hard work. But my point is Feynman’s vigor. A fact of amazement, perhaps since Feynman didn’t grow in a village of India but the communities of advanced localities. Perhaps Feynman was simply the highest standard of exuberance. My grand pa was lively and funny and loving but Feynman was a womanizer. I don’t know about this secret of my grand pa. My grand mother always crushed my interest in knowing such matters.

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Patriarchy in Indian academics. Our excellence is a myth.

The Indian Academics are glorious organizations, renowned around the world for their moribund infrastructure but excellency in education.

Isn’t it a myth?

How can we produce the best athletes who live and practice in mush? Perhaps the king just needs the athletes, no matter what, as the Olympics needs them. This time the international organizations have created and sustained such myth. They need a large number of half educated folks. The ones that are not trained.

The same story of British magnet. It will sustain a low grade low quality task force, because we are not anyway harnessing on their quality, but on their quantity. We have to run empires. We have thwarted the real Kings and wrested the power from them, to have our democracy. Now we have to come out looking like Kings.

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Writing a motivational letter for PhD.

6. Why do you want to work for our organization? Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years from now?

Mention the strong point of your varsity’s choice: eg if Netherlands CooCoo University is your choice say why you like coocoo. 8-10 years goal: eg do you want to employ your strength as a teacher? or a researcher or an executive in energy-sector industry.

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