Whats the meaning of a vowel?

A vowel is a set of Roman letters [aeiou] which are assigned the lesser perceived or spoken voice/phonetics. These are analytical approaches of Language, where a small voice can gradually become very heavy and prominent due to social usage. Once they become so they actually lose their vowel nature from the analytical point of view and they must be studied again for their implications if one is to see how they are changing our epistemology [study of knowledge] without which they will produce falsified knowledge. Infact Vowels can alternate between them or into consonants like consonants alternate between them. Its the trickiest affair of Language.

Interesting language facts …

What Hiragana does? pa/ba/ha are the same letter with the degeneracy accomodated by only a dot or 2-small-strokes. There are 3 set pa/ba/ha why look at the maths, there are only 2 extra symbols as one of the 3 does not need any symbol. 3 sets produce 15 characters as there are a combination of vowels [aa, i, u, o, e sounds and 3 letters pa/ba/ha, now they are accomodated by only 5letters+2symbols, 15 >> 7, in case of India this is 15 letters + a few unnecessary symbols.

Language connections points to an underlying beauty… (blog moved to another place)

Language connections are much more unbelievably simple than our day to day attitude towards them reflects. Everything evolves from a fewer set of things. The underlying beauty of the seemingly bizzare properties are only a diversion. Nature isn’t playing tricks. We are not prepared to take a route which promises us sound understanding of the inherent unity for fear of losing a dime of our ability to prove that we are capable of the immensely complex.