Why sex can be used to dominate.

Why sex is often used against opponents? There are two most competitive and perhaps the most leading behavior of us human beings. 1. Intimacy, which in its most nonsensical form is sex. 2. Creating and harboring opponents to prove our OWN supremacy.

Is it needful to say that our nonsensical intimacy has procreated and sustained us but our innate desire to kill or vanquish others has nonetheless kept us competitive because lest it only the one that hatches a conspiracy first will have an edge. We strike back not only at our extra-species opponents but at our own species in order to savior ourselves against nature’s odds.

Status of Mars Orbiter of India !!

A beautiful formula for what angle an object in space extends at you? Its the (diameter-of-object / distance -of-object) ratio is the tangent of that angle. Then, the farther the object is the smaller the angle becomes maintaining the tangent value of the angle in that ratio, because the object will have a fixed size/diameter. δ = inverse-tan ( diameter / distance ) This formula then I will remember all my life. Give me Einstein Tensor and bet that I will remember you will lose that bet. I hear applauds, Thank you. This image then shows the size of earth from the distance of the Rocket that has been sent by India recently. This formula and info is from ISRO fb page ( -- although explanation is mine) and yes this is valid only for circular objects (earth on a plane is a near-circle, as you can see in the image above) and the circle on this square-image-space extends an angle with a point that is as far from the square as is the Rocket.