Why sex is often used against opponents? There are two most competitive and perhaps the most leading behavior of us human beings. 1. Intimacy, which in its most nonsensical form is sex. 2. Creating and harboring opponents to prove our OWN supremacy.

Is it needful to say that our nonsensical intimacy has procreated and sustained us but our innate desire to kill or vanquish others has nonetheless kept us competitive because lest it only the one that hatches a conspiracy first will have an edge. We strike back not only at our extra-species opponents but at our own species in order to savior ourselves against nature’s odds.

Nature is contingent in its design in other words it has a neutral design, said, which amounts to creating one design slightly stronger in some aspects than another. That creates a race of supremacy. If my tone is sweeter I want to go with the feeling I am a celebrity. If my arm is superior I want to slap someone in the grocery. Human beings do not have a superior judgement often without the requisite experience (and can religion provide one, judgement call) to implement that to keep in check its innate feelings of wrath towards oneself or other?

Given that you have a nonsensical sense of paramour and a much less sensible and often hyped out for the wrong reasons ways to vanquish others they will most certainly work in tandem if present in the same individual or a same communal thinking in unison towards one unified goal: Use sex to dominate.

Sex can be used towards domination and domination can be used towards sex. Men are often using their dominating ability towards opponents rather than their testosterone. Mind it. If only a chemical women could also find their chemicals. Its the same dominating tactics of the criminals. They are doing a crime because they are more powerful under a given situation, eg at the point of gun or darkness not because they have testosterone or NOT. That chemical argument is sexism.

It uses a pseudo scientific argument towards making a political point. Sex is related to domination and not just chemicals. Which is why crime often occurs together with sex. Its your ability to dominate rather than secrete a chemical that makes you depraved and horny and helpless.

And here is how discussions in this warped behavioral phenomena can go like, anything but a dose of tranquility. A very explicit and loaded argument. May I say not something I would like to publicize, but nevertheless for the completion sake of dead-end responses I place them here on record.

** Mass Media has created some terrible stereotypes such as….men with small dicks and women with small breasts….the feeling of “powerlessness” could become a consuming hatred for the more “endowed”…..sigh

Manmohan Dash; You mean sex has gone to the proportion of literally hammering your opponents genitalia and that sells a lot. The scale of perversion has certainly affected the psyche behind it.

** Yeah, well think about it…”Long Dong Silver”, “Betty Boobs”, the list goes on and on … sigh

Manmohan Dash; And thats sexist but sexual ideas are often blamed on men only. It works also because of women? see a woman with big boobs will like a lot about portraying OTHER women with small boobs. same goes with women who would like to harbor “long dong silver” On the other hand men would like to talk and be intoxicated about big racks. and men would give their competitors a run for their throbbing shaft.

** think that women are really in control here … remember the sex strikes that women have used to stop their husbands from doing other acts ? …

Manmohan Dash; Not really. The thing is about how things propagate. eg take it the alcohol way. Now women are more educated about its issues a great thing. But women did so because it would other wise portray them as being perceived as the culprits. But men can act like asses not willing to pay heed to reason. But women and men are often both partners of crime. Read many crime stories (of-course the number of women doing such crimes would be less because they are already less powerful in a male dominated society) !! Crimes of sex, alcohol and drug abuse are equal telling of human nature rather than any of male or female nature

** Women have a menopausal cycle which averages 28 days, men have a horny cycle which averages 1 day …

** Manmohan Dash; There really is no sign of whats male or female nature. Its only social conditioning. Even when a man would be willing to give up on an idiocy not necessarily a woman and vice a versa. Biologically they are different and each to their own they have pretty horny desires as well. But psychologically they are both slaves to innate desires and would like one thing as argued in the article if they are to be portrayed as more powerful in some aspects. eg a woman of bigger boobs feels like a winner. Hence only a man can’t be blamed alone ( although a partner of this boob crime) domination comes with sexual desire. And both are quite quite insidious in both men and women.

** The difference is in the power of sexual feelings. Men do crazy things if they have high testosterone levels, women don’t…..sigh

Manmohan Dash; But some chemical ought to do stuff in women. Although sexual desire is not restricted to testosterone. All men have testosterone but not are all men equal culprits of sexual predator-ship. I mean testosterone is used as an argument against men often. And thats sexist. Of-course men have amply proved they have tried to escape after wrongfully using their bounty of innate chemically driven desires. A recent example in Indian media is hot cake for feminists. Punish the man, not men.

** No. The difference is related to feelings. A man can and will make errors of judgement much more than a woman….sigh

Manmohan Dash; Thats sexist. Thats just hyper as well. What we can argue though social conditioning prefers men making errors

** Not from a woman’s perspective … sigh

Manmohan Dash; it would release the man under error more often than women.  woman’s or women’s be clear about that

** Well, look at the court cases….what do you see?…..sigh

Manmohan Dash; there is a equal percentage of Men as is Women. And not from Men’s perspective either. Because Mr George Bush wants to nuke Iran are you willing to be punished?

** I don’t see too many women gang-raping a man….do you?….sigh

Manmohan Dash; Any one committing a crime is what percentage of the human population. Talk sense ** You are diverting on a sexist argument. what percentage of men’s 3 billion population are sex criminals? You are talking of a composition among criminals not among those who are not. And the latter is what 5.8 billion out of 6?

** I’ll repeat what I said: ” I don’t see too many women gang-raping a man….do you?… sigh

Manmohan Dash; I will repeat ** on a non-sense you are propagating, TELL ME. Are you talking about criminals or gang rapers or men and women who are not criminals. Blaming an average man for the crime of a criminal is insane.

** Well, enjoy your next rape then…I mean you are in India after all….sigh

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  1. Reblogged this on Invariance Publishing House ! and commented:

    why sex can be used to dominate.

    A small insight that I had about two years ago (a morning that just seems like yesterday) which then boiled into a hot argument of “ad hominem” from a ‘Canadian’ racist and sexist who sees INDIANS as RAPISTS and believes everyone who disagrees with his world-view would most definitely enjoy rape or some such malevolent occurrences in our world.

    It kind of went viral in the morning. Then perhaps it went sour ! AT some level people can’t tolerate controversies anymore, it generates too many and too strong opinions.

    Yes, I had to remove that fellow from my FB account. Poison bottles are good for killers.


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