Stop stereotyping us, Nobel Peace 2014. Reply

A minor disagreement with the way Nobel Peace Committee chose to depict two large countries of the world, sounding like an arbiter for everything that would go here.

From Nobel official website; “The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism. ”

Its a great thing India and Pakistan won Nobel Peace, that too together. But it sounds like a cheap gimmick to volley the idea that they are Hindu-Muslim and Indian-Pakistan. Did then the committee forget that they are Men-Women. I mean we should not stop at any divisive rue that are out there? Not expected from Peace Committee.

(How about 2015 Nobel Peace to China and USA, carefully chosen, Christian and Buddhist laureates?) More…

This year’s Nobel prize in Chemistry. Reply

What happens when some UV falls on biological molecules? (or any kind) some of these molecules like the wooden pole absorb the energy and there still remains energy which they can emit as visible light. So the UV light kicks the molecules and the molecules in turn emit visible light. This implies that the UV wavelength that the molecules absorbed energy at are very small compared to the wavelength at which they emit visible light. This is always the case.

When we say some materials are fluorescent it means they absorbed higher energy and emitted lower energy radiations of colorful light.

But this has a great deal of application apart from its theoretical interest. More…

The Nobel prizes in India … what does a mocking bird say? Reply

Out of 10 therefore 7 were actual Indians, of which only 2 were retained and 5 could not be retained. For its own type India impresses only 28.5%. Unimpressed: 71.5%.

For those who came here all because India was a colony and not a melting pot you have 3.

But they are to be compared with how many could have come in their contemporaneous time. Perhaps these 3 are to be compared to 1000 or more.

So a minuscule tiny attraction factor for India. More…