India talks about 10 Nobel laureates with India connection out of which only 5 worked in the actual/physical conditions of India. **

India: today’s India and British India, 4 in British India and 1 in today’s India.

The one who worked in today’s India is Mother Teresa who mostly worked with finance by Jesuit Organizations for propagation of Christianity, thats in my opinion definitely better than working with aims of propagating any other religion because, here the case of Christianity is openly opposed, if organizations are found to be proselytizing.

In other words Jesuit Organizations here work in various camouflage and socially acceptable hype.

The non-Jesuits can have a huge advantage for their religious propagation, even through state machinery, because its a base for political supremacy.

[Religion can be a base for political supremacy]

eg Governments openly propagate various other religious groups and organizations, at least the citizen who oppose this religion or that other religion do not mind supporting the one of their choice, its divisive and unfair, socially.

Social harmony comes only when one thinks without prejudice, not even a fair-to-all means lack of prejudice. See you (one) can be fair-to-all but unfair to sanity.

The rest of the 4, who were all born in India: two white people and two originally Indians and all during British India, that is, in an India which we claim to be grossly detrimental to the aspirations of the national spirit of the major people of the land, the Indians.

The policies of then, were not made by today’s standard and this 4:1 is a proof that they were far better than today’s. These 4 are, Tagore, Rudyard-Kipling [– the Jungle book, I might have had his copy when I was 11, but never read it], Ronald Ross [– the ma-lehria guy, oh look at ya’], Raman [the my kindaa guy, I visited his famed Inst. in 2000 as a young fella].

And see it was wide: medicine, peace, literature, physics. What does a nation need more for its intellectual elevation?

And these 5: only 2 of whom were Indian citizen by heredity. 3 were not Indians by heredity but worked here in India. 1 was not hereditary, nor was born here, but had its citizenship. So citizenship or not they all worked here in India, only 5 of them. Atleast for longer periods of time.

And 5 of them did not work in the geography of today’s India or British-India. Again these 5 are exodus: because they were all hereditary, borne in India or British India; but worked and successful elsewhere.

Out of 10 therefore 7 were actual Indians, of which only 2 were retained and 5 could not be retained. For its own type India impresses only 28.5%. Unimpressed: 71.5%.

For those who came here all because India was a colony and not a melting pot you have 3.

But they are to be compared with how many could have come in their contemporaneous time. Perhaps these 3 are to be compared to 1000 or more.

So a minuscule tiny attraction factor for India.

[Max Born and Einstein did not accommodate Indian scholar’s invitations to come and settle in India because, as far as I see, they were not impressed. They are often the ones who are quoted to glorify India’s culture.

Guess what, its just a camera-trick, get your picture taken with Gandhi or Tagore and say something, that will be quoted for you. Pl. come and live here? Are you crazy: Nazi’s do not care if our restrooms are working or not, all they want us to do is “shut up and not assert our beliefs” and most of the time we don’t assert our beliefs.

But most of the time we want to take the religion called “excreationism”. And that ain’t working here. Fix it before you even want to talk about stuff like intellectual glory. Harsh but often thats how many would see us]

List of Nobel Laureates in India. 


Q. Mechanics. “says“, if you carry India’s thought, then QM’s physical implications mean, you are working in India, which is why, a lot of people swear about cultural impact of India on men who work elsewhere, but then its also true the other way round, in my case; I have never been culturally impacted by India’s but rather exotic foreign destinations perhaps because such a paradigm isn’t extended in India, where you get the same elevation in social and cultural status if you are a scientist, you have to go elsewhere to talk photogenic-experiences.

Its all about how much finance India really wants to spend and for whom and how? There are a huge deal of fake faces in Indian-science, who have been occupying gross resources of the country, because they know how the country works, when it comes to allocating its huge resources, for only a few member in the community: and thats by myth.

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