particle physics

Basic ideas of Particle Physics.. A Klong Meson

Another example of importance of Particle Physics as is understood by the general public is Blackhole. Well see blackhole is not a particle-phyics idea but the general public knows LHC is a particle-physics lab which produces blackholes that can engulf the world. Such was the paranoia in the year 2008 before LHC had started banging its protons into protons at the speed of light. In roughly 4 years the Higgs-like has been discovered. Why I say its a Higgs-like and not a Higgs? Because the Scientists are not perfectly sure that Higgs is that which they have found. If you want to remember Higgs here is a hint: it sounds like Eggs. {like in my eggs-girlfriend, My Higgs-girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend don’t they all sound the same?}

Basic concepts of Monte Carlo and reconstruction.

This scheme as you could see is only a flip-flop and works to check if this works and my toy Monte Carlo proved that it does. But in real situations this Dzero mass constraint is used to recover the Klong 4-vector which also means we have the Dzero full-info now. But we input some Dzero info as given {its mass} hence its only trivial. But we can add this Dzero to other released particles in the topography and see the signal in terms of D* particle.

Whats the meaning of a new particle?

Now that Force corresponds to energy and you want to make it correspond to potential energy only you have to subtract the energy due to motion only and that will for a good deal involve various transformations etc because you want to be very careful about everything. But once you have known the potential energy you have observed is a new form or not it may or may not come from a new particle. So tehre are two possibility. In general an old force and a new force. nd old particle or new particle. And then the possibilities for a set of observations are a combination of these two or four as you wish.

The difference between virtual and real particles.

Virtual Particles are like a “speculative tract, that might have existed”. ( — hence virtual particles are needed to satisfy consistencies of probability factors or likelihood fractions in a particle physics calculation, so that the consistencies of Physical laws can be maintained )

Real particle must exist; Real particles make real effects and virtual particles make unacceptable effects ( — if left alone ).

Virtual particle is good only if the reasoning is good.

Real particle are as good as they get.

By The Way every real particle can be thought of as a virtual particle, it would just be a trick as long as the calculations are legitimate. Its ( — Virtual Particles are ) not a replacement for a real particle or a real process.

The story of particle physics

sitting here on my desk, a self-procreated office locus, on a rainy and lightening midnight what can I do?

My love for physical isn’t too much a secret. I try very hard to transcend that to Physics. And without much self-organization I can not weave the scattered threads. So I will just pick randomly on a topic and give it a go. I choose the importance of vision and say “what direction is particle physics going?”.