( — written about 2 or 3 weeks ago, from 6th November 2011

There is only some differences, that make it, between the virtual and real particle;

the virtual particle is NOT allowed to escape with observable energy, it must come back and return the energy packet.

That is NOT the case with a real particle.

A real particle can escape wherever it can and must satisfy all laws of Physics;

if it ( — real particle ) escapes it must do so satisfying all the known mechanisms with their known/uncertain branching rates. ( — Do you know what a branching rate is? )

Virtual Particles are like a “speculative tract, that might have existed“. ( — hence virtual particles are needed to satisfy consistencies of probability factors or likelihood fractions in a particle physics calculation, so that the consistencies of Physical laws can be maintained )

Real particle must exist; Real particles make real effects and virtual particles make unacceptable effects ( — if left alone ).

Virtual particle is good only if the reasoning is good.

Real particle are as good as they get.

By The Way every real particle can be thought of as a virtual particle, it would just be a trick as long as the calculations are legitimate. Its ( — Virtual Particles are ) not a replacement for a real particle or a real process.

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