particles and their properties

Basic ideas of Particle Physics.. A Klong Meson

Another example of importance of Particle Physics as is understood by the general public is Blackhole. Well see blackhole is not a particle-phyics idea but the general public knows LHC is a particle-physics lab which produces blackholes that can engulf the world. Such was the paranoia in the year 2008 before LHC had started banging its protons into protons at the speed of light. In roughly 4 years the Higgs-like has been discovered. Why I say its a Higgs-like and not a Higgs? Because the Scientists are not perfectly sure that Higgs is that which they have found. If you want to remember Higgs here is a hint: it sounds like Eggs. {like in my eggs-girlfriend, My Higgs-girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend don’t they all sound the same?}

Basic concepts of Monte Carlo and reconstruction.

This scheme as you could see is only a flip-flop and works to check if this works and my toy Monte Carlo proved that it does. But in real situations this Dzero mass constraint is used to recover the Klong 4-vector which also means we have the Dzero full-info now. But we input some Dzero info as given {its mass} hence its only trivial. But we can add this Dzero to other released particles in the topography and see the signal in terms of D* particle.

How rotation of earth affects the OPERA neutrino experiment.

This is an original research work of Manmohan Dash, published here, first on 12th October 2011.

A major update to this article originally published on 12th October 2011, was enacted on 7 Nov 2011.

“There is a fundamental way to understand just about anything …” — just an epithet !

It seems there are 3 remaining nails, that need to be removed, to free the neutrino, from it’s coffin; 1st two are experimental methods at OPERA and the 3rd is — well, basic physics.

1. Pulse of Proton at source and Pulse of Neutrino at target, has a “time” offset, which gives us 60 ns, early arrival, this need to be re-checked, as per OPERA internal proceedings.

2. Neutrino Target Timing — measured from 2ndary decay? this needs to be rechecked, as per OPERA internal proceedings.

3. The 3rd is basic physics; Earth’s rotation wrt “sidereal inertia” — which means fixing references to distant stars, gives a centrifugal motion and a coriolis motion, to the neutrino. The instantaneous Lorentz Transformations, accorded to the neutrino, from the relative rotation, along CERN & Gran-Sasso, also need to be calculated. Check the basic idea of coriolis and centrifugal forces, in their classical version, here; Coriolis Force and here; Addendum to Coriolis Force.

Between when I wrote this article and today, a lot of understanding has developed, regarding, the results of OPERA neutrino, most of which from my blog-site can be summarized, into two categories.

— All articles that were written, after the current one, you may consider this, one of the main article, that marks my discomfort with Dr Elburg’s paper, my discomfort may have started, a little early, to this article, but I haven’t gone back and checked it.

— My discomfort with Sheldon Glashow’s paper, I have shown, with another article prior to this one, but it didn’t take me long, to dwell on the latter, since, there were not anything, that was technically wrong, although Glashow’s analysis didn’t convince me as I had mentioned in that article.

So here are the two main summary, of the understanding, of my blog’s elan.

The shear incorrectness, of basic physics, of Dr Elburg’s paper.

The details of the problem of rotation and GPS system.