What happens when squirrels do not move.

Stationary state and squirrels !

Okay so the squirrel isn’t moving around so much, giving a fuzzy image. We can call the instant during which the squirrel wasn’t moving akin to a “gross” stationary state.

But why is the railing of window fuzzy? It isn’t moving !


Due to diffraction enough light is coming from the other side of the iron bar, to enable us to see whats there. That quadrangle is diffracting the light. But why its fuzzy?

Diffraction is by its own very nature even though purely classical in many sense, fuzzy towards energy if time window is small. [due to energy vs time uncertainty]

That is, full energy cycle isn’t available, because a small time window is chosen. If you time-lapse the photograph, diffraction will become quite insignificant. Although it might still be there depending on details.

Uncertainty Principle and Photography !

why a moving object becomes fuzzy when you take its picture. Speed bears an uncertainty with momentum (hence energy ) just like time with energy and position with momentum. But for photons which are always ultra-relativistic we should not talk about its positions. Due to speed (relative motion of objects such as your and moving while other body parts being still) energy and momentum are uncertain. Hence position becomes uncertain. (Do not confuse between position of photon vs position/location on your image although its connected to wave-function collapse BEFORE or AFTER the observation ? is the question you should be asking, BEFORE the observation no sense of photon’s position, but AFTER collapse we do see only a particular outcome in terms of fuzzy images.)

A favor you do to the killer and a favor the killer does to you.

Getting Photographed (by killer) while getting killed AND getting killed while photographing (the killer unintentionally) These two pictures show a shocking but opposite attribute of a person getting killed. 1. The person does enough in a split-second before dying, a favor to the killer. 2. The killer does enough moments before killing the victim, a favor to the victim. ** FAVOR: taking the picture of someone is a favor. In 1. it must have helped the cause of the victim. In 2. it must have also caused favor to the victim, because it confirms who was killed, by whom. Read the article in the follow through link, or read captions. Its mandatory.