Stationary state and squirrels !

Okay so the squirrel isn’t moving around so much, giving a fuzzy image. We can call the instant during which the squirrel wasn’t moving akin to a “gross” stationary state.

But why is the railing of window fuzzy? It isn’t moving !


Due to diffraction enough light is coming from the other side of the iron bar, to enable us to see whats there. That quadrangle is diffracting the light. But why its fuzzy?

Diffraction is by its own very nature even though purely classical in many sense, fuzzy towards energy if time window is small. [due to energy vs time uncertainty]

That is, full energy cycle isn’t available, because a small time window is chosen. If you time-lapse the photograph, diffraction will become quite insignificant. Although it might still be there depending on details.

(Note that actual diffraction does not vanish, how we see it on an image in our scale, changes, or rather becomes invisible)

But now the sharp edge of the iron will become visible, given enough light are there, as the time window has increased due to time lapse of photography. We might even lose the algae that’s on the other side on the wall, behind the bar of iron as is expected classically, that is without diffraction.

Diffraction itself is classical wave property, but given enough time the minute and subtle diffraction pattern vanishes and anything right behind the bar won’t be visible.

With more and more time, more and more complete picture of the system is available, that is, due to time lapse or increase in time window greater number of energy cycles are available.

But in a time lapse the squirrel might have moved away.

Plus the uncertainty of the dynamic variables … such as energy, location; are visible in the diffraction process, as we can see here in the image as fuzziness and spread out iron bars. They are not absent.

Such uncertainty might be due to electrons and photons eg bouncing off each other. Uncertainty is a result of distributive nature of variables.

The stationary state in such processes, the ones where now its happening at the level of electrons and photons, has to have a very smaller time window. eg the shutter speed of the camera might be giving million times bigger time window than whats necessary to see the stationary state.

So shutter speed is good enough to see the stationary state behavior at the level at which squirrel’s motion is concerned, although we know the squirrel is quite fast at times. But for electron and photon processes, which are highly quantum mechanical particles, we need far smaller time windows, our modern camera may not be able to give such windows.

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